Sunday, January 15, 2017


Did some sewing today, but I didn't get any great photos.
Black cats and white petals.
Lots and lots of petals.

Yesterday, I didn't get any sewing done because we went out treasure hunting at an antique mall that I had not been to yet.
I know--weird---but there are still some out there.
Came home with some functional goodies.

I fell in love with these and I will use them. They will replace some seriously newer cookware that just has not held up well at all. Out with the new--in with the old???
Also came home with these two:

And thank you Di for the purple butterfly towel.
 I will probably veg and watch football the rest of the day.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.



Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Very cool treasures.. I love the old better than the new sometimes... what was Witt up to????!!!!! xx


I think you had some help there with Witt!!!
or else he was hoping a mouse would crawl by--
love the old dishes and yes they do hold up better than the new ones--
I sold my 4 pc set of bowls where the yellow one was a large one--
the yellow one in my set had been with me for years--I miss her!!
I completed the set pc by pc--
don't know why I got rid of some of the things I did--
I probably decided the weight of them would be too much to ship and they would of
gotten broken in shipping more than likely--but still why did I not keep them???
enjoy the moments, di