Thursday, February 21, 2013

Would Someone Please Return February Cause I Have Only Finished One Thing So Far

Short or not, it just does not seem possible that this month is almost over. I need a couple of more weeks please!!!!!
I have been somewhat productive in some areas considering that we all started out sick and achy. It just went on forever. We were going to give our awards banquet for Tae Kwon Do a pass because we just felt icky, but at the last minute we all got decked out,
and had a really good time. And to my total amazement we got called to the front of the room to receive this: 
and yeah--they spelled our name wrong, but doesn't everyone????
I thought it was pretty cool. Of course this year has started off with one sick Ihnen after the other so, we have not been there in total family mode but I think it is getting better.
We also took a trip over to my mom's house a couple hours west of here because she was not feeling well. Of course we dragged her out of the house also and did some antiquing and fabric-ing (is that a word?) and lunching.
I scored a few bits, but I will start with a couple for now.
There is this awesome quilt store in Midlothian called Quilters Corner and I get a little carried away since we never really go that often.
I fell in love with these two fabrics: 

This one is a bad pciture,but I love the little hedgehog. What is not to love about a purple hedgehog???

and I got this free, because I spent so much money. Yep, there will be more pictures in the future.

But for now, ta da!!!! I have finished February's strip for Terry's Sew Along in FEBRUARY!!!!
An amazing feat really!!!!
And for now, I will say bye bye because I have to finish Di's Challenge in the next week!
Wish me luck and I hope everyone is happily meeting their goals or better yet just happily sewing with no stress whatsoever!!!!