Sunday, March 26, 2017

Over Worked, Under Sewn

But I did try hard to catch up!!
 I filled in hours this week for one lady at work and five minutes after I got home on Friday, they asked me to work some extra hours next week for another lady!
Oh well, more money for fabric right??

I have tried to make up for some of it.
I did get another kitty done.

Only 7 more facing the other direction and I will have all the kitties finished for ONE of the quilts.
Ugh!! I will make it--I really really will!!!

I also got some little things done.
One more rainbow quilt block done. A whole bunch more in various states of done-ness. And I have one shoo fly block complete and a bunch more of those are partially done.

Not a great picture, but the clouds would not cooperate.
Don't think the weather knows what it wants to do, but the temperature is awesome. 70 degrees--Woo Hoo!!!
I could put up with this all the time.

I spent a bunch of time picking out fabric for the Christmas SAL. The partridge was a challenge. Picking colors would have been easy, but picking colors that blend with the rest of the blocks was really messing with me.
 I think I am happy with the colors, now for cutting out all the bagillion pieces. 

Now it is time to watch NASCAR and finish laundry. Thank goodness for the pause button.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some Sunday Sewing

It was snowing this morning, which is nothing exciting to most of the United States; but we weren't expecting any and I was kind of disappointed.
 We always seem to be just on the wrong side of every snow storm.
It didn't stick, but it was still cool.

I did get my candles finished this morning.

So I am caught up on that SAL. Yippee!!
And I was a good girl and got another kitty finished.

I have another one prepped and ready to get put together.
I will keep on plugging along with them.
I also cut out the shoofly blocks for Bleeker Street, so I can work on them a little at a time.

And I will never run out of those little 6" rainbow blocks. I have several of them in different degrees of done-ness.

Time now for a laundry and NASCAR break.
I have extra hours at work this week because one of my coworkers had to go out of town unexpectedly, so I will have to get some of the icky housework done today too.
Hope everyone is having fun no matter what you are up to!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More Red and Other Colors!

Feeling a little better today, so I hiked up the stairs to my sewing room with determination.
I finished my Poinsettia block for the "Have a Jolly Little Christmas" quilt along.

Then I grabbed all things using the STOP method and got busy on those. If I jump back and forth between stitches, I have been known to have to do a whole bunch of unpicking.
So, I almost finished the candles for the same quilt.

 We will not discuss the fact that I drew some of my diagonals backwards and still had to do some unpicking.
There is also another rainbow block going on there and I did get all the parts ready to put together for another kitty.
So, not a bad day.
This sicky must go back to work tomorrow, and work through Saturday, so hopefully I fit in a few minutes here and there to keep the flow going.
Hope everyone is having a creative day!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Red--Stuff That isn't my Nose!!!

Still feeling icky, but I have some red to declare!!
Here is my rainbow quilt block.

And to be true to the challenge, I did scrounge up some scraps to use. I even have another pair to play with when I have time. What is that thing called time???

Here is some more red.

 These will hopefully be my poinsettia block for the "Have a Jolly Little Christmas" quilt along at Sew Fresh Quilts very soon. I have managed to get behind again. It is time to be doing the next one! Ugh!!
I will not stress--I will not stress--I will probably stress!

Need to chill like Witt.
He must like red because he is on the chair which weird to begin with and on the fabric which is even stranger.
He usually prefers a box, the floor or the table.
 Even if I lay something on the floor, he will normally just sit next to it.

Well, that is all for now!! 
 Weird question: Anyone extra hungry this month?
Isn't red supposed to be a good color for restaurants?
Just wondering!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome to the Infirmary!!! And some progress!

Nothing like a couple good cases of the You Name, It Hurts Disease!!! 
Hubby got it from work over 2 weeks ago. I on the other hand--the wifey who works at a pharmacy--managed to avoid it until Friday. The coughing on me at work was no match for what was going on around here.
Needless to say I was making soup and washing linens instead of getting much sewing done.
But there is some.
Here is my progress so far on the
Spring on Bleeker Street sew along over at Ivory Spring.
Lots of fun stuff there.

And I have been working on red.
Almost done with one.
It was terrible--my stash was so low on red--I had to do some emergency red shopping.
The mailman brought these to me:

Did we pick any of the same ones Di?
And no, I wasn't a good girl--by stopping after picking out red. I ended up with a couple of purple. That is sort of mandatory isn't it???

 And a few other stash builders hit the cart:

I know,all of my friends--especially those that have seen my stash, are rolling on the floor laughing. Need is not a word I should ever use. 
But maybe between petting my kitty and my fabric, I might start to pull out of this snotty fog that has taken over my body!!!! I can but hope!!!
Hope everyone else is sewing up a storm. Well, if it is snowing on you maybe you should slow down a bit???
 They thought we might get some but it moved south of us.
I know--I'm weird!!