Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saved From Humiliation!!!

Quick Update!
I do have finishes for January!!
With all the running around and life in general I was starting to wonder.
I dug through my UFO pile and found these little lovelies that needed finishing and they saved me from failure in month one of the OPAM challenge.

I finished the last 4 and added them to the chicken coop.

Joy has a tutorial for these little cuties over on her blog.
And yes, that is a giant kitty back behind the basket.
I am going to go try to finish one more thing, so I am off.
Happy Sewing everyone!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas in July--Who'd a Thunk it Would Actually Happen???

There has been some serious elf activity going on around here.
Thanks to Di's Christmas Club I managed to get started on Christmas presents and decorations long before (really long before) I usually get around to it.
Promising that maybe when December rolls around I can sit with my feet up and drink a cup of eggnog.  Wouldn't that be a hoot!!!!
So what did I do???
Two tops that will be tablerunners
and those colors led to starting a couple of mug rugs
...obviously not completed either, but there is hope.
Then there is this tablerunner from Jenny of ELEFANTZ, love all her patterns.
This is one from quite a while ago
I am making it out of PomPom de Paris from Moda.
So, I have made some progress. I have a ton of non-Christmas going as well and found several BOMs that I like, so not sure if I will keep going with these or wait until next month when we do Christmas Club again.
For now--I am going to go encourage my DH, who is making chili for the Humane Society Chili Cook-off tomorrow. This is his first try at competition--personally I think he makes some darned good chili.
So, it will be a busy weekend because I may be volunteering on Saturday and at the adoption event on Sunday. We shall see--definitely tomorrow.
Must find time to finish one project before the end of the month.
MUST and what happened to my organization??
Breathe in--Breathe out!!!
Until next time!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New -Habits- Year!!!!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season.
It seems like such a long time ago already.
Is everyone stuck into their resolutions, going full bore into something new and exciting????

I am moving slowly, but moving.
As those of you who read Joy's blog already know that my word for the year is ORGANIZE.
A word that in years past has been spoken but forgotten in the chaos that is usually me.
Here are two embarrassing pictures:
the before
and after several hours of shuffling
Really I did get stuff put away, found a few things that I was looking for and tossed out stuff and added to the Goodwill pile and it is still awful.

So I will be continuing for quite awhile.
It is the year of Organization, not first 5 minutes, so I must hold out for hope.
I am planning on joining Di's Christmas Club so that I will not be insane at the end of the year.
I obviously have lots and lots of fabric and patterns and and and...
Don't need to buy anything for a very long time.
Remind that I said that!!!!!
So, I hope you will all encourage me from time to time.
I am off to pick a corner to work in.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!