Monday, October 29, 2012

Storms and Stars

The house is starting to make those creaky noises that it does when the wind is blowing.
I do hope everyone is staying safe--tucked away in their homes doing some sewing.
I thought since I still have power, I should hurry up and show my scrappy star blocks.
It has been busy around here, but I have finally gotten them done.
Need to start getting ready for next month.
Wow--time is flying far too quickly.
So here there are:

I am running out of colors, so this one may be a small quilt and then I will get on to doing a really scrappy one. In the mean time I also need to finish some Christmas presents.
This one is actually all in one piece:
Now for borders and finishing!!!
Still have one more full size one to try to get done before Christmas. Time needs to slow down a bit I think.
So, off I go to teach some trig.
Everyone stay safe and dry if you are in the East and warm if you are getting the snow.