Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sewing and More Pressies!!!

I have managed to get some real live sewing done.
Pretty amazing since I have not been a stay at home mom this week at all.
I got my next Wiggle strip done, so I am still up to date on them.
And then I got crazy and started a new project. This may be a one block a month????
I need to make 12. The directions for the quilt can be found here.
Super simple, but I am managing to use up some of my tiny scraps (the blocks are made from 2" squares). 100--2" squares to be exact.
And now for some more show and tell of birthday presents.
Di sent me a box full of motivation.
And left me no excuse for not doing wool projects.
There are 9 patterns in there to keep me super busy. And notepads and cupcake cups and more pretty purple stuff.

And look at all these yummy bits of wool to play with.

And pretty purple scissors to match my Wiggle strip.
And more little crittiers for my collection.
Ummmmm--can you tell I like cows. And purple mousies are pretty cute too!
I need to do some serious rearranging I think.
But tomorrow I want to sew, because today I bought more fabric.
Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Chronological Order

For posts that is.
Too much good stuff to fit into one post.
So, I will start with my visit to Lola's house for an after birthday bash.
Mine was Monday, who parties on Monday?
So, Wednesday I got this:
Some of you may think this looks like a simple and unexciting cake, but you would be very wrong.
This is YUM!!!!!
There is a picture of this  cake in the dictionary under Yum.
Her DH baked me a small version of this yummy pound cake for Christmas and I was hooked (I said yummy again didn't I?)
Asked for another and I got giant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!
Then I got these:
See a purple theme happening?

And she made me this cute bag. I can fit lots of quilt show shopping in here!!!

And I had a hard time getting a good picture of this cute little pin. I saw her buy it at the show, but we pretended I didn't. Works nice on the bag don't you think?
And I said I was going to do things in chronological order, but I have already messed that up because I shamefully did not put a picture of the bag that Joy made for me on here.
Bad me!!!
So, here it is in all of its purple cuteness:
I have such creative friends! And they get the purple thing!!!

I do love bags--yep,yep,yep!!!!
Now, I am jumping ahead because I want to show you one thing that Di sent me that I am not going to turn into a bag.
Not sure what it will be yet. Think, think, think!
So, I have more photos for another post.
And some of those include actual sewing--Woo Hoo!!!
So for now, I say bye bye because there is a cake calling my name.