Thursday, September 24, 2009

Progress Report...

I am plugging along..
I have caught up on my Debbie Mumm Natural Wonders BOM: And I have all of the houses done for Come Over to My House:There are only trees and bushes left so that should be easy right??? Right!!!!

I also got busy organizing my fabric because it was getting out of control. This is not all of it--I ran out of tubs. I seriously have an addiction. I need to do a lot more sewing and a lot less buying, but it is all so pretty!!!!!!

I even took a stab at embroidering my jeans...Now I just have to sew them back together and lose 20 pounds so that I can get into them. A bit of motivation going.

OK-so that was two BOMs caught up. How many to go!!! Not telling!! Too many to count. Almost embarrassing. I will not be bored.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! A-

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ketchup September???

That was my plan anyway and I am trying really hard, but I think it is going to have to be continued into Finish Ketchupping October. And yes, Joy said that "ketchupping" is now a word. I am up to date on my Debbie Mumm Natural Wonders bom. One out of umm??? Not quite sure how many BOMs I have going right now.
Anyway here is my September block:

Next on my list is the Come Over to my House bom. I am working on June right now, so hopefully (wishful thinking) I can catch up on this one before the weekend is up. I have done the house, but this one has a tiny little dog house to go with it.I need to finish the dog house and then spend some time picking out all the colors for the rest of the blocks. That always takes me the longest.

Of course if I would stop starting new things I could probably catch up. That is no fun though. In between the BOMs I made this cute little tote that I found in a very old Quilter's World magazine:

I have tried for two days to get a good picture of it, but the sun refuses to shine. It does make really good sewing weather though.

And to add even more to my pile of unfinished things. I started machine embroidering a pair of my jeans this morning in my class at Handcrafter's House. I picked a rather large design so it will take awhile to complete them. It is really good to two sewing machines.

And signing up for chances to win all the giveaways from all the members of Among the Gum Tree. That takes quite awhile too, but make sure you do because they have some really yummy goodies.

OK, I am sure I have forgotten something, but I must get to work if I am going to ketchup. I will not take so long to post next time. The old brain needs to type when things are fresh. Hope you are all having a great weekend involving lots of sewing. A-

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Joy and I have been very productive these last couple of days. We both have the borders on our Mystery Marathon quilt. Here is mine:

And here is Joy's:

Hopefully they both will be quilted real soon.

I have also been busy with my Nirvana quilt. Here it is with the first two borders on. I have about 3 more to go. We shall see how it looks after the next two.

And I pulled my "birthday quilt" from two birthdays ago out of the UFO drawer and started working on it as well. I am making this quilt:

From this book:

Using these colors:

These yummy fabrics were a gift from Joy when we visited them. We had a good time sewing then as well. It would be nice if I could get it finished before my next birthday. If I could keep plodding along I should be able to complete it by June. Hmmm--what to start playing with tomorrow. Another border on Nirvana--probably. A tote bag pattern is staring at me and I still have to catch up on all my other BOMs. This week is flying by. It will be Sunday soon and I will be very sad when Joy goes home. Hopefully our flow of motivation will continue after she returns home. I won't think of that now. Must enjoy the time we have left. And don't forget to go visit Joy's and guess how much money was in Perth the purple pig. A-

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Marathon Within A Marothon

My how time is flying around here. Joy and I have been very busy, but there is still so much stuff we want to accomplish. On Saturday we did the Mystery Marathon hosted by Helen. We did the online version so we started at 9 am Perth time--two hours later than the real marathon. We continued on Sunday and are almost finished with the top.
We had a great time!
We made a really big mess:

I used quite a few Bandaids:And now it looks like this:And hopefully before the end of the day it will have borders. Determination! We have been doing lots of other things as well. I pulled the borders off Helen's last mystery quilt and put the right ones on. I made a boo boo and didn't like it, so that is fixed and it is pinned ready to quilt.

Before the day is over I also hope to have pictures of all of my Nirvana blocks. I have half of the last one left to finish and then I will take a photo. After that I must get busy and catch up on all of my other BOMs. I dub this Ketchup September!!!!!! Now I am going to take a quick NASCAR break and then get back to the Joy and Alice Sew-a-thon. Happy stitching everybody! A-