Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quilt Show, Sew-A-Long and A Winner!!!

WOW! I can not believe how fast February vanished. Time to get busy on this month.
It certainly has come in like a lion around here with lots of wind and rain.
So let us announce the Finishing Stitches winner for February!
Once again it is Bonnie at Bonnie & the Sister's Lair
She has won a Fresh Flowers charm pack.
Perfect spring fabric for us here in the US and hopefully it will brighten up a chilly day as you cruise into fall over there in Australia.
Go check out Joy's blog to sign up for March finishes and see if you can win next month's charm pack. GO!!!
So a little over a week ago I had a day off with Lola of ...and Sew On and we headed off to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.
Good times were had that is for sure.
Gorgeous quilts:

This last photo is a small piece of the most precious quilt. Naturally my large photo is a giant blur!! The detail on it is just amazing.
And of course there was lots of buying.
I had originally planned on buying some yellow for the black and white blocks I am working on, but I just could not pick a shade so:
 So I bought lots of yellow and I will decide later. I did have a serious shortage in my stash, so this was actually a good thing.
Course there were these lovely Stonehenge ones that I have been staring at since I saw them awhile back:
Love, love, love them!!!
Then patterns--who can go without getting patterns???
So here are a few that came home with me:
There are more, but they seem to be hiding. Possibly because I am supposed to be finishing things???
And then there is this Sew A Long:

I am not a red person, so it is going to be purple work. It is time to make some goodies to match my tree that is decorated all in purple--well purple and cats--purple, cats and cows...
It suits me perfectly anyway.
OK, that is enough for now. I need to get busy sewing don't I???
I really do!
Hope you all had a awesome weekend!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Live Sewing Accomplished

I have finishes!!!!
My sewing kit is complete and mailed off to help the folks in Queensland and other parts of Australia that were affected by all of the horrible floods.
 Hope it helps bring a little happiness.
So much is happening lately, now there has been a terrible earthquake in New Zealand.
Not to mention all of the extreme cold weather we are having here.
Prayers go out to everyone.
So I have also done some other sewing.
I have finished the first three blocks from the Florida Cabin Fever BOM.
  And I may be a little late, but I am almost finished this heart wallhanging that I started for Valentine's Day. So I will be early for next year.
Hopefully I will have lots ready for next year. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday I do think.
How could it not be when I have a dear sweet hubby who sends singing Valentine's.
Yep he did!!!
So here are my hearts:
It is on the machine waiting for me to come back and finish quilting it.
I am working on a few dozen other things as well, but I think I better save some for later.
Hope you are all staying warm and safe.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

We Have A Winner!

Well, Joy is busy settling herself into her new palace in Saudi Arabia, so I will announce the January Finishing Stitches winner.
Drum roll please...
You really have to go check out her blog--she does some of the most gorgeous things.
Not really sure how many things she finished--I believe on Joy's sidebar it says lots.
She did more than anyone else.
And for her efforts she has won a Sherbet Pips jelly roll oops my bad, that would be charm pack.
Very cute!!!
I am sure that we will see something sherbet-y coming from Yvonne real soon.

Also wanted to make sure that everyone is still sending out prayers and/or sewing kits to help the many people affected by the horrible flooding in Australia.
So many have lost everything.
If you have not read the post from Among The Gum Trees go here.

Now everyone get back to work on those blocks and UFOs. Joy will inform us of the February challenge as soon as she has a free moment.

Friday, January 28, 2011


We have started a tradition. Some people go out for a nice dinner for their birthday--Joy and I sew together whenever possible.  Well, this year it was not possible because of a giant ocean in between us
But sew we must!!!
So, Lola of ...and Sew On came over and we ate cake, and pizza.
Not a healthy thing in sight!!! Wasn't on the resolution list!
And yes--we sewed!!
And sewed and sewed some more.
Lola actually finished getting all her blocks sewed together.
Looking good!
I finally finished all my blocks a few minutes ago, so picture will be coming to a post real soon.
So Happy Birthday Joy!!!
Wish you were here!!!
And for a party giggle.
Murphy is the special of the day!
He is special!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I know I am a little late, but it is the thought that counts right?
The holidays are gone and almost seem like a pleasant if not somewhat hectic dream.
I am sitting down doing my blog--must be the new year since that is one of my many resolutions.
Sadly the reason I am sitting down is because I have a horrid achy coldy thing and I don't feel like moving at all.
My darling hubby is so good at sharing!!!!

So, while I am immobile it is a good time to tell everyone about the continuation of Finishing Stitches started by Joy back in July. I think we all managed to get something done and what better way to clean up the sewing room than join in the fun and get those UFOs complete and hung nicely on a wall or better still--a few presents done long before the holidays.
Wouldn't that be cool!!! So all the tiny fine print is over on Joy's blog--not much of it--mostly finish projects or blocks and get your name in the hat to win charm packs. What could be simpler.
So grab the new and improved button:

And lets start finishing. And yes I am talking to myself very loudly because I spent the last few days trying to sort out the mess that is my sewing room. And I have come to the conclusion that there is no hope for it unless I start sewing. I thought I should finish 3 things for every one new thing I started???? That didn't sound fun at all--after all my DS definitely inherited his short attention span from me. So I will try very hard to keep it one to one!!!! 
This is my year for less stressing and more sewing. And more posting about my more sewing!!!!

So what are your New Year's resolutions?  
And have you made any progress on your New Year's Resolution?
Well, good luck to all.
I am going to take some cold medicine and a nap so hopefully I will feel more like tackling the world tomorrow.