Sunday, January 8, 2017

Birds, Berries and Black Cats

The snow stopped, but not much melting has been happening today. The high was around 28. Back down to 13 now. 
The birds are enjoying the feeders scattered around the house.

Of course Witt was enjoying all the activity out there.
He was running back and forth between all the windows.

I really liked this holly tree. Just like the cardinals, red berries look so pretty in the snow.

The wind was blowing quite a bit, so a lot of the snow fell off, but I still like it.
 I did manage to get some actual sewing done in between all the normal chores.
I finished the first set of black cats.

One more set of black ones to go and then on to the two sets of patchwork ones. They are all different colors.

Oh yeah, there will be hearts. And vines. I am still not sure if I love the color of green that I picked for the vines, but I don't need to worry about that yet.

 And just a little cool pic of the measuring cup that hubby surprised me with for our anniversary.

Yeah, on top of collecting fabric and books, I also collect green glass. Yeah, I need a bigger house!!
Too bad I would have to clean it!!!
Hope everyone had a safe and sew-y weekend. 


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I really do wish I was there....... !!! xx


I love all the photos-thanks--
I wished our windows opened here like in NY cause I would have some bird feeders attached to them like you do--!!
I am cold here too--that wind off the river is strong and cold--
but it seems it will start warming up everywhere on Wednesday !!
Love your cat quilt and love all those black cats--
Enjoy the moments-di