Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blocks and Cuties

Seem to be spinning around here since school is back in session, but I have managed to get my scrappy star blocks done.

Purple of course, and...
... green.
These are so much fun, I just hope I don't run out of colors.
Still working on "The" quilt.
Hopefully I will be able to hold it up in one piece for you soon.
Besides, English,Government,Physics and
We have been doing our
thing for the Humane Society. These cuties are at the PetsMart where we work on Tuesday afternoon.

A little Darrin burrito and not to be out cuted...
...Peppermint Patty. Hard to get her to sit still long enough to get a photo.
I would love to get a good pic of her Groucho Marx mustache over her eye, but hopefully she will have been adopted before I get another chance next Tuesday.
Well, back to English class--hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September is here!!!

But the nice cool weather is not:

 Fall is definitely on my mind.  Made a few purchases to help the yum factor of the fall season.

I sadly have gotten a few more since then and have found a few dozen things that I want to do. Like this yummy one in Love of Quilting:
and this lovely piece jumped into my cart:
Yep, there is purple in there.
Of course.
And Lola came to play a couple of weeks ago and she is readier (we will go with that poor grammar) than I am.  Look at her cute little stitchery.
I am still plugging along with what I am supposed to do. Made some evil boo boo on my black and white checkerboard strips. Thought I might just rip my hair out, but I finally changed tactics and went for something easier.
 So these little lovelies that are all about a 1/2 inch too long:
turned into this nice checked flag fabric that I can chop to the exact size, so hopefully I will be done with it real soon and can get on to other things.

So, lots to finish and even more on my wish list. What am I doing sitting here.
Hope everyone has a nice holiday if you are in the states and a extra special weekend if you are not.