Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives and Doughnut Shops

We had visitors on Friday and Saturday. My SIL and her DH were here camping the modern way. My kind of roughing it! Take your air conditioning with you.

We had a fun time shopping and eating.
Yes lots of eating.
I don't think Guy Fieri has been here yet, but he should come and visit.

They're baked not fried--gotta  be good for you right????
They have a key lime one that is worth having to workout for hours to make up for it.
After that we sort of had a dive.

As you can see the weather was rolling in, and it was sooooo hot.
We did a bit of wandering around in the shops hoping to cool off, but a shop with a fan when it is 100 degrees really doesn't help much.
So, we decided to go EAT!!!
Guy has been here!

If you look up there on the wall to the right you can see his autographed photo.

This was our first time here, but we will go back.
Good food and ridiculously cheap.
I did cook last night really!!!!!
And I did a wee bit of sewing.
Hope you are all staying cool somehow.