Monday, May 31, 2010

Looking Back on the Journey

Moving back to the states, unpacking, sorting, and rearranging has led me back to this quilt.
This is my very first quilt and I finished it 5 years ago today. It seems like I have been at it forever, how quickly I have become addicted to this sport. It got me to thinking about all I have done, all the places I have traveled and all the great friends I have made along the way. It all started in Saudi Arabia where my husband was working. I was busy minding my own business making chocolate and fabric boxes and who should be there but the one and only Joy. Yep--that is where we met and she started me on a serious love of all things quilt!!!
This is our little group:
Notice those nice quilts down there on the floor?? The one at the top was project number two--that is not mine. I think I was still taking mine apart and putting it back together again at that time. A paper pieced stained glass--how nice is that for your second quilt. They obviously had been learning lots of things before I dropped in. I did finish the top, but it is still in a drawer waiting to be pinned and quilted. Strangely enough I did not give up after that one.
Shortly after learning we headed back to Florida for a little while. I joined Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Guild while I was there and bought my first Husqvarna. I still have Hannah, she just has a big sister now.
Soon after that we moved to Puckapunyal, Victoria is Australia. And then guess who returned to live there too---Yep--Joy. And she only lived a couple of hours away.  So we had some sew-ins there too.
This was my birthday sew-in. And all of those little squares at the end of the table are bits of my birthday quilt that Joy got for me. Guess what--it is still in pieces. I wasn't so good at half square triangles back then, so I kinda need to redo so of those. But strangely enough I still didn't quit.
One thing that I did finish quite appropriately while living in Australia was my son's that was covered in Frilled Neck Lizards and Tree Frogs.
Then we headed back to Florida and that was kind of a blur. I know I did some sewing, but there was also a new roof, and carpet and this and that and then it was off again to Perth, Western Australia. Yep we stopped in Victoria on the way. Not too much time for sewing though.
In Perth I totally got carried away. Darling Hubby bought me Hillary Husqvarna Designer Diamond at Handcrafter's House. A naughty little shop run by Michelle. I took a bunch of classes and learned lots of new things. This one is called Snake Trails. It is also finished.
And yep--Joy came to visit and we did a Mystery Quilt Marathon by Helen Stubbings.
We traded colors for this one. I did blue and she did purple.
I must also give a shout out to Di of Quilting is Blissful. It was in Perth that I finally got a little more into the high tech world and started this blog. Shortly after that I met Di who sews so fast you just have to try to keep up--no matter how impossible that is. I even won a giveaway from her. I gorgeous Christmas apron that she made. I will hang it in the kitchen--it is too pretty to actually use. She always makes you laugh with her silly jokes.
And yes, time flew by and two years were over and we had to return to the states. No not to Florida. This time we will be living in Virginia and this will probably be permanent---at least for awhile. I am back to my roots. I was born in Virginia and my mom lives 2 hours from here, so she is quite happy that we are back.
I already have a fun place to go fabric shopping called Bella's. I am sure they are quite happy to see me coming. Way, way, way too much pretty fabric in there.
Well, thank you all for listening. I do not want you to fall asleep reading.
I have enjoyed my quilting journey so far--can't wait to see what I learn next or who I will meet.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Go Visit Jenny!!!!

You all must go look at Jenny of ELEFANTZ' blog.
Jenny's daughter Blossom is turning 16 and we get the gifts. So go here:

Check out all of her other yummy patterns while you are there and tell her Alice in Quilterland sent you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where Is This Month Going?

Does anyone know?
I had plans to finish so many things this month, but I am far from there.
Of course in the midst of trying to get organized and back to a normal routine we decided (the good motherly side of me) that my son's room was way too small for him and his 8 billion Lego, video game bits, several thousand books, etc, etc, etc. So I am giving up my nice, giant sewing room to him--so do I win the Mother of the Year Award? Right now Hubby is busy painting the small room all pretty for me and putting up new blinds and stuff, so we are a bit in limbo. Nothing is where it will eventually end up.
Fortunately Hillary Husqvarna is still plugged in upstairs away from all this.
Remember the pile of strips I cut? Well, they are now a giant pile of blocks that need to be pressed.
That is going to take at least the length of a good movie. A good chick flick I think.
And I finally finished the last Jelly Roll block.
Never has such a simple block caused me such annoyance. Everything from sewing things together wrong, cutting pieces too short and of course the non-stop rain so that I couldn't take a really good picture. It looks a bit washed out. I will have to get them all together and take a pic when (if) the sun ever comes back out.
At least my garden is happy! And my giant herb pot is over flowing. And for once I am actually using them and not letting them just look pretty.
On that note I should get busy doing something. 
Cross your fingers that part of it can be sewing or at least ironing the sewing.
Have a happy Wednesday--it's all down hill from here!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Now--to put them all together. I have spent the last few days cutting an unknown number of 10 1/2 x 2 1/2 in pieces. Some with my wrist band off, some with my wrist band on. Gee blogging and rotary cutting--what is a poor wrist to do. Well anyway, I have finished the cutting portion and it looks like this:
Now I can give my wrist a break and start sewing it all together. It is a very simple design that I saved from a quilt along hosted by Old Red Barn Co.. At the time I was doing seven other things (well I am now too), but the bright colors that I picked out were just screaming spring project--so I begin.
I have also completed Block 5 of the Jelly Roll BOM.
I am really enjoying this. Using the jelly roll has forced me to use colors that I might normally ignore, such as orange!!! I think it looks nice--so I guess you can teach an old dog something.
And I also forgot to show you my latest purchases. Like I need more! I think I need therapy. But anyway--after many purchases I had earned a $25 gift card and we couldn't have it eating a hole in my pocket, now could we?????
So I also broke out of my purple zone and purchased these little lovelies:
 OK, so I went over my $25 card just a wee little bit....
At least things are settling down here a little bit, so I should be able to get busy using up my stash--ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
So, back to the pile of pieces.
Hope everyone is being crafty!!!!!!