Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow and Sew

You are supposed to be doing English!!!!
But Mom!!!!
School got interrupted today for sure!
But I am just as big a kid, because I was just as easily distracted.

It sounds so nice and quiet out there. Mutes the sound of the 27 fender benders that were reported in our town alone!! Stay home everyone and enjoy.
And sew!!
I have managed to get a little bit done. The whole family has been sick for the last two weeks, so it has been a slow sew! I finished another scrappy star block from Terry's Treasures last SAL and I have a pile started for another one and a pile started for her current SAL.

 I have also started working on this wool felt project for Di's 2013 Challenge. New things are good for you! This is my first wool project. Well unless you count the jacket I made about 30 years ago. Last time I ever tried to match plaids on a piece of clothing since I wasn't planning on ever getting rid of my "curious" kitties.

So, I was wishing we would get snowed in so that I could just stay in and stare out the window and sew. No such luck--the sun is coming out tomorrow and the warm temperatures are going to start again. Wait, you can sew quite nicely when the sun is shining!!!
OK, no excuses--I must sew!
Hope everyone is tucked inside and safe if you are in this winter storm.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finishes--Woo Hoo!!

Even though I didn't sign up for Chooky Blues SAL, I did get caught up in the thread catcher frenzy. I even ordered the books just in case things catch my eye, but failure to finish a project around here is always an option and I don't think I could handle being dumped.
So, my first thread catcher is not really a thread catcher--it is for my sweet DH and I believe it will be call a crud catcher.

And I think it fits nicely into the airplane creating area. 
I made two more--one for me and one for my mom and realized when I was working on my mom's that it would be nice to have a thread catcher because I didn't like the top stitching and had to do some serious unpicking.

And no--that is not a big old mess back in the background, it is perfectly organized piles of projects that I need to get busy on. Now I just need to perfectly organize them into a tub or something. I'll get there. 
It is a super dreary day out there and DH is feeling yucky, so it maybe a good day to get a move on with the pile.
Hope you are having a creative and fun weekend.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Same Word, New Year

I was not too successful with my organzational plan last year, so here we go again!!! 
So, first off some shopping
And some list making

 and some new tools

created by the boy. His very first woodworking project.
I refused to watch him using the router.

Definitely needed something for the little rulers that hide under things.

So, I have one project pretty much done.
A nice shiny (very full) shelf in the laundry closet


and a pretty good dent made in the project to do list


Got some prep work done here and even managed to pack up a cat.

So, now it is time to follow Murphy's lead and go to sleep.
Hopefully tomorrow some of those piles will start becoming projects on their way to being finished.