Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I made it into the sewing room and was somewhat productive time. I did not get any real sewing done, but I got lots of rearranging and unearthing accomplished.
I have to say that being up there just made me happy.
All of my favorite things are there.

Lots of fabric, sweet Wittersheim and books!!!
We have lost many of our furry friends over the last two years and Witt is our new addition.
He (ha ha ha) keeps Squeaks company.

I think I have sorted out my UFO's. I went back through all the tubs and piles and my final count seems to be 77!!!
Oh my!
This one is sitting on the table in progress:

It is called PatchKats by Denise Russart.
Many, many, many pieces.

Actually, it is twice many, many, many pieces because I am making two. One for me and one to donate to the Humane Society. Fortunately they don't care what year I get it to them.
Do not look at the mess in the background too closely. I am getting there!!
Work and doctor's appointments are going to get in the way for the rest of the week, but I will get more done this weekend.
I will, I will, I will!!!!



I love the photos of Witt and squeaks--and they look like they are alot of help--
welll--at least some company while you are working away--
thanks for the photos--
Joy in the moment-di

andsewon said...

Way to go! Witt is so very sweet to help out! ;-)