Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pies, blocks and Angels...

Busy, busy, busy and all of it fun!!!
First I had to do a bit of baking to satisfy the bug.
So I made this:
I also made a cherry/peach pie, but I forgot to take a picture. AND by the time I remembered it had a few pieces missing.
This one is on the way to gone now too.
Then it was on to the air show at the Oceana Naval Air Base.
We had a great time--I can be such a boy at times.
Here is my boy showing his respect:
I think the Blue Angels are amazing. I could watch them for hours.
I have no desire to be up there doing however many G's they pull, but I love watching.
18 inches apart!!!!!! 
Yep, half of them are upside down and still way too close together!!!
Back on the home front, I have gotten some more blocks finished.
Three to be exact, with one more in the works.
and three.
The colors seem a little strange--bad light I guess.
I also got my table runner basted, so fingers crossed that it will get quilted very soon!!!
I want to get on to some of the Christmas presents that I need to make.
It is coming too soon!!!!!
I need to enjoy the fall first.
Hope everyone is having a great week--getting lots done!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Been a Naughty, Naughty Blogger

...but I have not been idle. I have been quite busy getting ready for a new year of homeschooling and lots of house remodeling and getting ready for visits from family members.
And I have even been able to get a little bit of sewing done. Mandatory for sanity!!!!
These are several of the things that we have been getting ready for:
OK, so they don't look all that exciting at the moment, but they will be soon. The fridge and the range are installed. The dishwasher is waiting for a new door. Shipping is a dangerous sport. It has a big boo boo at the bottom.
In between all the remodeling I have accomplished this top for my fall challenge from Di:
and these two blocks are for Joy's finish challenge:
They are part of this pinwheel quilt that I have been working on:
and I have not showed you all of my Jelly Roll blocks. They are all finished; I just need to put them all together.
And I had a really nice surprise in the mail the other day. Di had us all guess what number post she was coming up to and I guessed 500. And I was right!!!!
She also gave me a goodie for finishing a fall project. 
Look at all these yummy things:
They are hard to see, but up there on the top right are the cutest little buttons. Look at these precious flip flops:
Thank you Di!!!!
Well, that is enough catching up for now. I need to do some more sewing and finishing and keep up with my blogging like a good little quilter.
Hope you are all having a great week.
Two more days until the weekend.