Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Much To Tell....

I will start with the most important bit I suppose.  We are moving back to the states.  Yes it is very sad.  I will miss all my new friends I have made here.  Especially those I have gotten to know at Handcrafters House. We will be moving to Virginia this time, hopefully to stay for quite awhile. I do love travelling and meeting new people; it is the moving part that makes me insane.  Here is a very sad picture of my sewing room:

The gorgeous piece of furniture on the left is the bottom of our new quilt box. MADE by my talented hubby. Hopefully when we find our new home (hopefully soon) it will have rooms for both of us to indulge in our favorite past times. Here is a better picture of it. I just love it!

I didn't have time to put anything in it before it was packed up. Bummer!
I did have a chance to do a bit of shopping before the packers got here. So many sales--so little time--or place to pack them.  I originally went on a mission to find some more of this:

but they were out, so I came home with this:

and these:

It took a little sadness out of the move--hee hee!!! I also brought these home with me:

Of course they all got packed away very quickly, so I worked on this:

Chocolate is good for fixing everything right? And I had to use up stuff in the pantry right?
Oh I almost forgot the cutest part--my sweet hubby gave me my Christmas present early so it could get packed away.  Is this not just the cutest little thing?

I love all the details; especially the little pincushion. Good thing I have pictures--at least I can look at it until I get it back in a couple months.
Fortunately I threw some of my projects into the airshipment so I will have stuff to do.  Unfortunately they accidentally put half of those projects into the sea shipment, along with all of my rulers and cutting mats.  Ahhhhhha! At least I have a pile of stitching in my suitcase. That should keep me busy along with house hunting right??
For now I will sit quietly in my hotel room reading a good book, maybe tracing some stitchery that need doing and hoping the shipment is safe and happily moving its way along to Virginia.
I am so glad I will still have all my blogging friends so far away.
And that each and everyone of you have a safe and happy holiday!!
L, A-