Saturday, October 28, 2017

Made It!!!

At least I got my pink blocks done.
It has been a crazy month with being gone a week, extra hours at work and lots of Humane Society hours. Not  that I am complaining about those. It just all takes away from the sewing room.
So, here they are:

Pink was never my favorite color, but I have seen some super cute creations this month in blogland.  
 May have to rethink some pink in the future!

I also managed to get my fairy garden somewhat decorated for fall. So far it is more decorated than my house.

I still have to put my tiny little fall leaves in there and then we need to figure out where to put it when the snow starts falling.
Well, hopefully the snow will fall.
I am such a child when it comes to snow.
In the mean time, I need to decorate my house for fall because silly me decided that I should host Thanksgiving at my house this year!!!
 Best way that I know of to be sure that I have plenty of leftovers right??????????

I do have to find time to make Witt a Christmas bed out of this fabric that he picked out.

He thinks that it is very cozy!!!

OK, off to work I go.
We are putting up Christmas decorations at work today.
I am getting a little stressed!!!!!
I am wearing my pumpkin earrings just to keep it all in perspective.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where Have I Been?

We took a trip to visit the fam in Indiana and the weirdest thing happened????
I ended up here

and here

and a few dozen more shops!!
What do you think, a bit excessive???

I think not!!! I probably won't talk hubby into a side trip to Lancaster Co again for a very long time. Well, unless Joy comes to town and then it is going to be grab the bud's and then road trip time!!! 

I will show more pics soon, but if I don't get busy sewing, hubby might send it all back.
That would be tragic!!
Besides, I am so behind on everything.
Hope you are all having a safe and creative day!!