Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last Thoughts of Indy

Vacation already seems like ancient history.
Never long enough!
Here are a couple more of the quilt gardens that we saw on the Heritage Trail.
These are also history now as I think they were only up through Oct 5th.
There were also lots of murals scattered about.
Even the coffee shop has a 9-patch on their sign.
Now for the rest of the purchases. This was one of the fun places I shopped.
I can't remember what I bought here; that is really sad, but here are all of my goodies.



That food one is for a new point of view. Hubby was born in the Midwest so thought I might find something in there that would make him say Mmmmmmmm!
Like the one on the cover. OMG!
So, I have been reminded so many times lately how soon Christmas will be here so I had better stop fighting with these photos and go use some of the things that I bought.
Sew, Sew, Sew!!!!
It is windy and rainy out there--I think it is the perfect sewing weather as long as the power stays on.
Happy Wednesday everybody!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Travel Musing

We took a real live walk. A mile out and a mile back.
OK, here is your hidden picture (I miss those). This guy was chirping away but didn't run away.
The family threw a surprise belated graduation party for Garion while we were there.
His Aunt Janet made the cake.
Spoiled child--cards full of money!
Then we left the boy with the cousins--he got to go to real school.
I got to go look at quilt gardens and all things Amish.
They start these at the end of June, so they are a bit overgrown now but still cool.
This is a cute little Amish owned shop called Little Helpers in Shipshewana. They did not have fabric because they sold beatiful handmade quilts--I did scrutinize.
I did drool and feel inadequate!
They do however sell lots of other goodies.
I got the Every Barn Tells a Story there. The mini-mosaic book I got in Lowery's Sewing Center. Their store front is nothing to look at but it takes up most of a small strip mall in Warsaw and they used their funds on merchandise instead of curbside appeal. Very fun store.
But I got distracted--back to the Little Helpers.
Got this small quilt hanger and a long one (which I forgot to take a photo of).
DH asked where they were made and the girl said her grandfather made them.
Furthering questioning about whether they were local and came to find out he lived two houses down.
So real Amish woodworking instead of an Amish design mass produced in a factory.
We also bought large jars of the jelly that we bought small jars of last time we were in Indiana. Yummy!
OK, I am quitting for now.
1. I am having to download every picture twice before it will appear--Grrrr!!!
2. And most important--I have to get in the sewing room or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More later!