Friday, April 26, 2019

Progress Report

Slowly but surely, I am getting somewhere in the sewing room.  I think that I have located all of my UFO's.
I am somewhere between this embarrassingly long list:

And these nicely labeled tubs:

I had a hard time taking pictures of these containers because there is very little room between them and the shelves.

No pictures of those right now. They are on the list of things that really need tidying.

More tubs here:

And more things that need to be sorted and put neatly into tubs. If only I could figure out where to put more tubs.

Time to sort through everything in the sewing room, so that I can get them out of the middle of the floor.
One day at a time.
Hope everyone is ready to have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


So, I have managed to stick to my guns so far and not start any new projects.
I have not gotten a accurate count of all of my UFO's yet, but I am joining Joy's challenge to get organized.

She has several different ways that you can join the challenge.
So, go check it out and here and I will be back with some embarrassingly high numbers of incomplete projects that I will be working on.