Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whales Do Not Like Their Pictures Taken

We spent an incredible Sunday afternoon whale watching off the the coast of Western Australia, but everytime the camera would flash away they would go...

...they would swim far away and then jump up and say "nyaa nyaa you can't catch me."Hopefully you will believe me when I say it was amazing, even with the overactive sea and the quick downpour. We saw quite a few swimming fairly close to the boat. They are apparently curious creatures. It is mind boggling to watch these huge creatures moving so gracefully. Do I want to go again my husband asks--ANYTIME!!!!

AND I am caught up on my Sundrop Designs kitty cat bom. Including October!!!! Yippee!!! Now on to the rest. The month is young.

Right now I am busy picking out colors for a certain Christmas caroler wallhanging pattern. I need a BOM break right. It is too cute to ignore and I love paper piecing. I am busy messing up all the work I did to organize. OH WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy sewing --hope you are all having a WHALE of a day!!!!!! A-


Joy McD said...

Now that I know you were on a BOAT, I'm glad I wasn't there! I would have turned green, and not with envy!


Hi Alice--first thanks for your comments on my blog site--looks like you did enjoy your whale watching--i know taking there pictures is like me trying to take a picture of a butterfly and wanting his wings spread open--i swear he knew when i was going to snap the picture and he would close those wings--but i did get one finally!!!! Happy stitching on the Carolers---hugs, Di