Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flowers, More Flowers and Some Trees...

The sun has finally come out here in Perth and so we headed out to enjoy it over the weekend. I love all the wildflowers that just pop up everywhere.

Must be some quilt inspiration in there somewhere, I am sure. And so on to the sewing, there are also patches of flowers. I had a machine embroidery class yesterday morning and of course threads were breaking and needles were not cooperating, so I got very little accomplished. Lots of chatting naturally, but very little embroidery. So I came straight home and set things back up and things went much better. One day soon it will be a table runner I hope. I still have to make another one for the other end. And I was being good and multi-tasking. On the other side of the table I was busily growing trees for Harmony Village. I will get busy on the kitties after that. I have my fingers crossed and my prayers said that I will have enough background fabric to finish it. I measured when I started, but it seems to be shrinking very quickly. We shall see.

And now the oven is beeping and that means that my peanut butter cookies are ready to eat. Warm with a chunk of chocolate sticking out the top. YUM!!! Can't find Hershey's Kisses here, but I have made do with a giant block of milk chocolate. I don't think anyone will complain too much.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! Two more days until the weekend is here again!!!!


Joy McD said...

Can you send me some cookies please?????


Me too want cookies????? Please!!
I just need to quit sewing long enough and go to the kitchen and make some--but then--guess who would eat them--ME!!!!
Love the spring flower pictures--i already tired of orange, yellow, brown, and red/orange out side!!!
thanks for all your visits and comments on my post--have a great week--hugs, Di