Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Month is Flying by

Well I have managed to get caught up on 4 of my many BOMs that I have started. It is only a small dent in the list, but I will not stress. It is supposed to be fun right? I should not stress right??? I still have two months left to get there right???
I will concentrate on the positive. Four is good. Here is my Harmony Village BOM: Silly me picked up all the pieces before I finished the October blocks, but I really did do them. Really--see--here they are:I have a serious background fabric issue. I don't have enough for Nov and Oct blocks and a search online reveals that is discontinued. I have found every other color available but naturally not the one I need. I will have to figure out something. But for now I am caught up. Yippee!!!!

And I finished the October block for Come Over to My House. My neighborhood has some trees.

So these two, plus the Sundrop Critters kitties and Debbie Mumm's Natural Wonders makes four. I am caught up on four!!!!!! And I must be happy with that because now I have to finish getting this pile of pieces ready to go on RETREAT this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hopefully it will become a cute little thread painted tree frog before the weekend is over. Or at least well on the way to becoming a cute little thread painted tree frog. I am pretty sure it will take longer than a weekend. Especially since it is chock full of techniques that I have never attempted before. It will be fun right???? Of course it will!!!!! I am so excited. I missed the one that I signed up for in June because I had the flu, so I was happy when a spot opened up in this one. It is supposed to be the most fun anyway. Halloween theme, etc. I must hurry up and make a nametag for the contest. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

Just one thing that casts an icky shadow over it all. It is rental inspection time again. Three days after I return from a relaxing retreat. Three days after I leave the house to DH and DS for a weekend. Ugh!!! Has it been three months already. It is not fair--how is a creative soul supposed to create if they have to do housework all the time? I will do my best to put it out of my mind until Monday. I will try anyway. Very very hard!!!

Later all, A-

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Love all those quilt boms you are doing you really have a neat knack for putting together colors--wished we lived closer and then you could help me!!!! I got caught up on 4-5 of my boms but have more to do--but first I want to finish up 3 swaps I am in--then it will be time for another Schnibbles--then it;s back to bom's or maybe Christmas projects???
Hugs, Di
I only have a once year inspection--mine is suppose to be tomorrow--BUT---