Saturday, April 8, 2017

Too Much Work...

...and not enough play makes Alice get very, very far behind.
But, I have been trying to catch up today.
I finally finished cutting out the partridge block for Have a Holly Jolly Christmas quilt along.

I forgot to count how many pieces, but it is a lot and of course the next block in posted, so I am very behind.
Working on it!!!
And I am also trying to finish up the next part in the Bleeker Street quilt along. I am not behind. Not done, but not behind.

And over there on the left are my multicolored blocks.
At least the first two.
There will most likely be more. I have lots of random multicolored fabric scraps.

I also think that I have finally figured out what fabric to use on the next teacup, so that will be happening soon.

I have an adoption event at PetSmart tomorrow, so that will be part of my day. But hopefully, I will get many things accomplished after that. Please!!!
 Hope you are having a fun weekend!!



You are linning things up quite nicely--
and they will get sewed together--
sometimes it takes longer picking and cutting than it does to actual sew it!!!
enjoy the moments, diane

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You are getting more done than me! And I am more behind than you! Does that make you feel much more betterer?!xx