Monday, April 3, 2017

Getting There!!!

Never seem to get as much done as I would like, but I am plugging along. Seems like the more I plan to do, the more mistakes and unpicking I end up doing
I really wanted to finish all of the teacups and pots yesterday, but alas--Not Quite!!!

Here is my progress so far:

Love these colors. Glad that I got brave and let them out of their ribbon.

I will hopefully get the tea pot finished tomorrow. Of course now the next block is posted, so I will try to get that one too.

They are talking more thunderstorms tonight, but yesterday and this afternoon were gorgeous.
Hubby captured a new sighting for me in the neighbors tree.

 I have never seen Cedar Waxwings in our area before.
Maybe they liked the weather too????

Hope everyone has had a peaceful Monday.





Love your block--and I should of guessed that there would be some purple in there somewhere's---!!! I just popped over and got the next block--have to remember today to copy the patterns off--keep forgetting to do that--too many other things going on in this 'pea' brain of mine!!
and that is a nice photo of the birds--I have not gotten a photo of any yet, nor seen any for that matter--
enjoy the moments, diane

Alison V. said...

HELLO! These are absolutely gorgeous prints that you're using for your blocks! I'm so glad that you've joined the QAL! Would it be okay with you if I shared one of your progress pictures next week?

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Looking awesome! And Witt... awwwwww :) xx

andsewon said...

So pretty!! Looks like china!!! There is Mr. Handsome too!