Friday, September 20, 2013

No Sewing Going On--Boo Hoo!

Trying to get ready to go on vacation and this:

has kept me out of the sewing room.
That smile was not there when he was sparring and got in the way of a fast moving kick.
But now that he has his very first broken bone, a cool cast and pain meds, all is well.
At least the part where he is not allowed to use it at all.
That will last until he has video game withdrawals.
I am going to take some hand work with me to Indiana so hopefully I can get something done.
Napping sounds good!
Someone sew for me!


Narelle said...

It's always "cool" after the pain is gone and before boredom sets in :o)
Nap a little, sew a little, sounds good to me!

andsewon said...

He looks like he is 'feeling no pain'...hahaha! Yes I can imagine him saying.."I TOLD YA it was broke"!!! Hope he keeps it higher up so swelling will be less! Ear buds and stitching best travel buddies!

Joy McD said...

Di and Lola will have to sew for you and me both this week I think.... xxx