Sunday, September 29, 2013

Driving to Indy

You know how sometimes driving long distances can be really, really boring.
Well, this trip had some amusements.
Starting with the weather.
This had me sort of clenching the armrests a lot:
But then we started having all these cool clouds to look at.
I should have let DH take pictures while I drove because a lot of mine are bad, bad some are not horrible.
Weird rolls of clouds that really did look like cotton and two different color sky amused me.
It was gray to the left and this:
...on the right. And then a little later:
It got really foggy after that and the giant tractor trailers didn't quit, so we did for the night.
Woke up to pretty skies.
We did a U-turn to check out this little war memorial in a tiny town (and no I can't remember the name)
We found all kinds of fun stuff.
They didn't finish this sign. I think it should be Needmore Chocolate or maybe by the time we saw it, it should be Needmore Coffee.
That is enough for now--I have to get back to laundry and putting the house together after being gone. Monday morning will be here way too soon.
More things Amish to come later.



I will take needmore chocolate!!!!
and kitty hugs, that always works!!
love the photos you did take--I always look at the sky alot when I go for walks--!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

andsewon said...

No not the best traveling weather but at least you seem to have had s bit of fun with it! Gman looks like he enjoyed the war memorial. Needmore...fabric!!!!

Joy McD said...

LOL! I'm with Lola, Needmore... FABRIC!!!! But chocolate works too :) xxx