Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Accomplishments

I have been working on the Pennsylvania blocks that Terry started as a SAL.
This may be a present if I get enough done.
I do have a bunch more cut out.
I seem to be having trouble with colors lately and the camera. The reds don't look very red here.
Not sure how big this one is going to be yet. It will depend on how many scraps I have.
I also finished another 100-patch.
These are not as mindless as they look I have come to realize.
If you iron something the wrong way you have some serious issues.
Of course I wouldn't know anything about that?????
I think Murphy approves. In you hadn't noticed he has to be the center of attention.
We also accomplished quite a bit for the Humane Society yesterday.
 3 dogs and 4 puppies got new forever homes, including this little cutie:
And DH was busy helping out at the society office doing yard work and stuff.
Then we give Garion the golden scoop award because we had to go over to the other store and take care of our babies there.
Yes, I have a favorite. This is Night Ranger and he is a little purr pot.
He better get adopted soon--soooo cuddly.
So, today hopefully will get some sewing done.
My Redskins are losing and there is a rain delay for the NASCAR race and poor hubby had to sit in traffic for 45 minutes to get to the model airfield cause they are working on the road.
Thinking maybe I should do laundry instead--better to turn underwear pink then have to unpick stuff.
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


Terry said...

Your Pennsylvania blocks look great! I'm doing 36 patch blocks, and they're not mindless either! I wish they were! LOL

Joy McD said...

You are doing a great job with the Penn blocks! I think I have done two 100 squares.. maybe tomorrow I can sit and sew for a bit... xxx

andsewon said...

You are really coming along on my awesome quilt!;-) Pretty hundred blocks. We were at Pet Smart yes in harbor view. The white kitty was so playful! Reminds me of Wigs!
We got caught on bridge going over and back! Why we did not go back through Driver to Suffolk I do not know. C was thinking road work was done! NOT!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Ooooooo! I love those Pennsylvania blocks. And I've never made a 100 squares block but that seems to be right up my alley. Going to have to look into that.


Oh my what a pretty quilt that will be too!! and you forgot to tell me that the kitty was all black--I love all black cats!!!!
keep stitching--
hugs, di and her bundle of fur!!

Deanna said...

Your Hundred Patches are looking very good--fortunately ironing mostly shows on the back. I'll quilt out.