Saturday, March 16, 2019

I'm Back!!!

Where, oh where have I been?
Life got kind of busy shortly after my last post.
Good stuff happened. 
Joy came to visit and we tried to get a lot of sewing done.
We even kidnapped Lola to play with us.

 Guess what I was working on today? Yep, my poor bunny finally has a tail after a year. I do believe Lola is the only one that has finished so far.
We had a great time and I really, really hope she can come visit again soon.

This sweetie is also new to our family since last I blogged. 

 Her name is Bunny and she is 6 years old. I was trying to get her adopted during one of our Humane Society events and sadly there were no takers.
She was in pretty bad shape: Skin problems, heartworms and unbeknownst to us at the time--she has seizures. I couldn't stop thinking about her, so I went and adopted her the following Friday.
We are working on all of her issues and she is a very happy puppy. A happy, overweight puppy.
Unfortunately, her favorite sewing room spot is under the ironing board. I have to be careful.

 Her bud, Witt, decided that he wanted a photo as well.

 In the midst of all that, my 91 year old mom, fell and shattered her elbow. She messed it up too badly to heal, so they had to replace it. She stayed with us for awhile and then back home for rehab. It is hard because she lives 2 hours away. Fortunately, she is back at it. Doing everything she used to do. Not that the doctors want her too. I hope to be just like her when (???) I grow up.

Things have chilled out a little and I plan to get some serious sewing done. And some serious organizing.
I need to figure out where to put all of the goodies that I just bought at the quilt show at the beginning of the month.
Told you some good stuff happened.
Lola and I didn't leave much for anyone else to buy.

I really need to hide most of this and get busy on my UFO's. They really are out of control and I have a few goals to start with, so hopefully I can stick with it. I get distracted far to easily.

Progress reports coming soon!


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Yay!!!! You blogged and sewed and shopped and... and... and... I badly want to have another Alice & Lola sewing day......... we'll keep hoping :) xx


What a nice recap of your life--
only you left out the biggest part--
you go to work and work and work--
so that is why you have so little time to sew!!!!
Nice seeing all the photos again--
thanks for sharing--
luv, di