Monday, August 6, 2012

What Does Your Cat Read?

Is there a suggested reading lists for cat?

I think CeCe has read this one more than once because she has mastered the fine art of catnapping.
And Squeaks.

What else would a diva read??
Now Murphy is a different story. I have not seen him pick a book very often.
He seems to prefer the electronic media.

I am sure he is learning something or helping DH make some important decision.
Even Tonya gets in the act every once in awhile. I think she is dreaming she is a dragon flying over a steak house. I have such intellectual animals.

So, do your pets have a favorite?
Honest, not a single picture was staged--just captured.
Hope everyone had a happy Monday!



I think that there is way tooo much reading going on at your house--and not enough sewing--so the cats have decided and Tonya that if they want any attention they had to learn to read toooooo!!!!
Now Miss gracie is a Kitchen cat--
if she even thinks you are in there--
she is wide awake all of a sudden and under your feet!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Joy McD said...

Hee heee! Love the one of Murphy and his dad :) They both look very serious! xxx

andsewon said...

That's my Murph!! Social media is his game! My poor kitties are not readers. Marm does enjoy a good TV program from time to time. Cocoa has even retired from sewing room assistance!