Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's My Birthday And I'll Sew If I Want To

Or blog since I need to catch up. This may turn into two if I ever want to get to the sewing room today!
First of all--Mini Christmas! I have been working--really I have. I am creating an army of cookbook chooks.
 all ready to stamp out the frustration of losing your place when you are whipping up your favorite recipes.
Most of my family are non-sewers so I needed some goodies to please them. Most everyone I know cooks. These are so easy, so go check out the tutorial here at JJ's.
I have also been plugging along with my coffee sleeves and I have started stitching on my towels and I bought this for inspiration:
There are some really, really cute things in here. Hopefully I will show you some all finished very soon. Well soon--I think I am the world's slowest at stitching, but I will get there.
I have also finished the latest jelly roll block.
and the tote bag in the {make} sew along
I really love the colors. I am going to go find one of those magnets that Joy used to keep hers closed and then I need to fill it full.
And just because--views from my kitchen window:
OK, the last one is a little blurry--could it be a dirty window????? These little guys have a bad habit of running away when I try to go outside and take a picture.
And on that note I am going to quit now and go hide in my sewing room.
Tomorrow I will show pictures of why Joy and Di should become sales reps for Charm Cotton Quilts. 



Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you......
Love the cookbook chooks and the colors for Jellyroll and totebag.
Love,Hug's and Smiles, Little Sister

Joy McD said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was there.....
Next year, Inshallah!


Oh my--I love those "chooks"--you can take the girl out of AU--but she still talks like a AU girl!!!!!!
you have been busy by the looks of things--you are like me--you think you are not getting anything done--unless you have a needle in your hand 24/7!!!!!!!
Happy B-day again--Hugs, Di

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Happy Birthday! I think a basket of your colorful chooks in the kitchen would be great.

The colors in your jelly roll block are fun. Nice and colorful.

andsewon said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes!!
Love them chooks! Hope you had a wonderful good BD time!
Maybe this week I will have something to show made from thread and fabric!
Drove out Friday and did fine, YES!
Niece and I are planning day out Tuesday she has off.
Going to the quilt shop on RT 10 in Suffolk to pick up a pattern, Nellie's Sewing Bag. May get by Bella's too. Will see.

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Alice; just popped in to see how your were going with your Early Bird Christmas Crafting. don't forget to let me know what your gift count is by 29th June...midnight "oz time".
Kind Regards