Friday, June 4, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Crafting

I have the air conditioner going and the fan running in my sewing room and I am merrily working away at Christmas presents. I can pretend I am back in Australia!!! My newly organized sewing room is a mess and I couldn't be happier. That means I am sewing!!!
Here is my notebook all Christmas-y:
My list is rather long so I need to get busy.
I have started making some re-usable coffee sleeves for everyone. Save a tree and don't burn your fingers all at the same time. I have a feeling everyone will be finished a little differently until I get the perfect one down, but I think you will get the idea so far.
I will hopefully have  more finished soon and I will also have pix of my jelly roll block and part 1 of my {Make} sew along totebag and and and and...but for now I need to get ready to go to the Post Market Preview Party at Bella's. Yes, I know I was just there, but now we get to see what all the lucky people who went to the Market got to see. Can't miss that!!! Oh and must use the 25% off coupon that is only good for tonight. Right???? Probably have more purchase pix tomorrow. Naughty me!!! Until then...keep on sewing!!! L,A-



I like those coffee wraps--never think of something like that---as I don't get coffee or hot tea out--but I do have friends who do---sooooo!!!!
I enjoy you blogging more often--thanks---Hugs, Di

BronnyB said...

OOOO....I've been looking for the clever person who made these coffee wraps since I saw them featured on Creative Studio.
Please tell me that the pattern is available somewhere (and that I don't have to burn my braincells making my own pattern!!!)
These would be perfect gifts for my workmates!