Friday, January 5, 2018

15 Years of Quilting

I should be a pro right!! Not!!!
Not too long ago Joy from Days Filled With Joy and a very dear friend did a post on our first endeavors into quilting. We both learned while living in Saudi Arabia.
The biggest problem we both have is finding pictures.
We were both too busy learning. She was also a tremendous help to me homeschooling my son, so we were always busy

So, I also managed to miss out on the easy quilt that the group started with.
I was busy learning Cartonage. The art of making boxes.
From scratch.
None of that going to the craft store and buying boxes and covering them with fabric. Nope!
We started with flat sheets of thick cardboard and built from there.

These two are working boxes.

They now hold Christmas ornaments.

That round one was a hoot in so many ways!!
And to be fair--I still have 2 UFO boxes.

So, from there I jumped into the class.
Here is some of the gang, including Joy.

Hopefully soon, I will show off my completely finished version of the one in the far left corner.
The first one, that I made was this one:

A serious lesson in how important pressing the right direction is.
Also, a very impressive quilt. I went straight from cutting to sewing to basting to quilting to binding. Yep!!! I finished it all in one go.
The second one I did (the blue, purple and yellow stained glass above) was the one I am hoping to get quilted soon.
And the other one they did in the foreground of the pic above.
The Australian animals.
I did finish that one.

Not until I got to Australia though. I was determined to have it done before we moved back to the states, so it is the only quilt so far that I let someone else do the quilting.
She did an awesome job, but it still feels like cheating. Probably why I have a huge pile of quilt tops that are waiting patiently for me to quilt them.

So, that is my beginning story.
Joy and I still cheer each other on and we have started a couple of quilts together--that we have not finished--but one of these days she might stop traveling and I might stop working and we will finish them.

Hopefully, I will get some actual sewing done in the next few days.
I actually got a real snow day today because they are only opening the pharmacy for a few hours and they didn't need most of us.
I can live with that since I have to work tomorrow.
Have fun and stay warm all!



Oh those boxes are really neat--how fun to make one from 'scratch'--years and years ago--
in 4-H we covered shoe boxes with fabric for sewing supplies--I still have the pin cushion we made to go in them!!!
and I love that heart quilt--and it looks like someone else loved the animal one!!!
Keep warm--di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I still wish I had joined the cartonage class with Ina, but maybe I wouldn't have had the patience... those were the days and you did find some photos I didn't have! xx