Thursday, July 20, 2017

What I Did Today

I woke up and hit the sewing room hard.
Can't believe the end of July is coming up soon.
So, I made two cats, a reindeer, a rainbow block and 3 complete pinwheels.
There is a pile of cut out pinwheels that will hopefully get worked on this week.

One more long week at work and then maybe I will get more done. We shall see.
Witt got a new kitty TV, so he shares time between the sewing room and his window in the bedroom now.
It was really hot out today--I think even the birdies were hiding.

Hope everyone is staying cool and if you are somewhere that is cool--could you send some my way please?



Oh how cute is Witt with his head on the window ledge waiting for his birdies to come back--even here the birds and the squirrels disappear around 11am and go find some cool shade--well--shade at least--
hey those blocks all look really good--I had planned to do the reindeer one today--but so far--I have had nothing but interruptions--sooooo
enjoy the moments, di

andsewon said...

Look at you! Getting all that sewing done! I did not get in one stitch last week! Today I did manage to to do a tiny bit. Hope tomorrow is a better sewing day! Witt is wore out from keeping watch on those birds!!! Wigs is tired from trying to catch frogs through her bedroom window!!! Hahaha!

sunny said...

Cute kitty!! It looks like you have a lot of variety to choose from when you're sewing. Can't get bored that way..