Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Live Sewing Accomplished

I have finishes!!!!
My sewing kit is complete and mailed off to help the folks in Queensland and other parts of Australia that were affected by all of the horrible floods.
 Hope it helps bring a little happiness.
So much is happening lately, now there has been a terrible earthquake in New Zealand.
Not to mention all of the extreme cold weather we are having here.
Prayers go out to everyone.
So I have also done some other sewing.
I have finished the first three blocks from the Florida Cabin Fever BOM.
  And I may be a little late, but I am almost finished this heart wallhanging that I started for Valentine's Day. So I will be early for next year.
Hopefully I will have lots ready for next year. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday I do think.
How could it not be when I have a dear sweet hubby who sends singing Valentine's.
Yep he did!!!
So here are my hearts:
It is on the machine waiting for me to come back and finish quilting it.
I am working on a few dozen other things as well, but I think I better save some for later.
Hope you are all staying warm and safe.




Ohhh--I love all the projects--the butterfly fabric on the sewing kit is soooo cool--love that!!
and your heart hanging is to die for even if it is in "purple"!!!
Was thrilled to see a post from you!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie
PS--my "word" was comen

andsewon said...

Everything you have worked on is awesome as usual! Sing'n valentine?? Do tell my dear!!!Let Me Call You Sweetheart by the local Barbershop Quartet??? Heard them on local pbs radio show and wished I could send them to see C at office!

just one more sleep after TONIGHT!!!!

Dan McD said...
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Joy McD said...

Woo hoo! You've got a lot done! And you didn't tell me about the singing valentine... was it Brian himself?!