Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Chocolate Day!!!

I didn't make that up honest!!!
So everyone indulge--it's a celebration. Just don't take it outside because this is what it is doing out there:
For those of you who deal in Celsius, that's around 41. Yucky!!!
I am behind in my blogging, naughty me!
My birthday got stretched out a lot. I have gotten more packages from everywhere.
Joy sent me these little goodies:
which of course will lead to needing matching bits. Fun stuff!!!!
And Di sent me a package full of goodies.
These pretty vintage aprons:
and nice sharp scissors and lots of patterns to keep me very, very busy!!!!
and Mom gave me these nice bright fat quarters:
and of course I treated myself to a few more:
and more tomorrow. I need to prove that I have actually done something besides get more fabric.
I am caught up on my jelly roll blocks:
and Block#10
and I have been busy unpicking a fall table runner for Di's fall finish challenge. This is the one I hope to finish this month at least. 
I didn't like the way I started quilting it, so I threw it in a pile. Now I am going to get it finished!!!!
And pop over and join Joy's challenge to finish stuff that has been sitting around awhile.
I have a huge pile to work on for this one. 
And I still have to start making Christmas decorations--oh my--I think I am challenge challenged!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay cool everyone.


Joy McD said...

Ok, that is all sooooo cool, except the weather of course, it is cool here though... You are going to have to do those patterns from Di real quick and then pass them on to me to do :) They are very cute :)But only after you finish loads of stuff, right?!


I think most "quilters" tie one too many projects on!!!! and then we wonder why we run around talking to ourselves and then answering ourselves!!!!
work on ---steady on the course--and we will get something done--even if all we get to do is "make" all that chocolate disappear!!!!!
Hugs, Di


Oh-h-h wonderful gift's. I really like the Fall table runner-can't wait to see it completed.Keep cool!!!!!


Um-m the above comment is mine..Little Sister. (can I blame it on the heat??)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I loved when Di was working on those patterns. Now we can watch you work on them.

Erzebat said...

hiya nieghbor! Lola sent me! I just down the road from you in western branch! happy belated birthday! how was Bella's xmas show? I was called into work so I didnt get to go :(

andsewon said...

You need to pack a bag with those awesome goodies and come on out to Boonie-ville for a day!;-)
Silly me thought I had posted to this one!
It is the heat I excuse an sticking to it!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to use my market money to get a perm:)

Barb said...

What fun goodies...

I love your blocks, your color choice is wonderful.