Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Am Slow With My New Year, But It Is All New

First off my new year started with a country change. Many of you know that I have spent the last two years living in Perth in Western Australia. We had a great time, especially me as I was spoiled with not having to work and I still got my new Designer Diamond and I got to sew with Joy in Melbourne and my friends at Handcrafters House in Midland. Now we are back home in the USA--literally for me since I was born here in the state of Virginia. 
I have scouted out a very nice fabric store called Bella's RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM WHERE WE ARE LIVING!! Walking distance to a fabric store--is that dangerous or what?

It is a bit of a shock to the system though. After living in Florida, Saudi Arabia and Australia for the last 20 something years it is quite chilly! I believe when we left Perth it was 100 F / 38 C and today here in Virginia it is 38 F/ 3 C. Needless to say I have had to buy a few long sleeved shirts.  
We have spent the last three weeks hunting for other new things as well. My sweet hubby is still spoiling me--he bought me a pretty blue Mustang to drive to the fabric stores. Vroom, vroom! Too bad you can't sew very well in it. Hmm-we also bought a van that has real live outlets in it...
Actually that won't be necessary for too much longer. We have found a very nice slightly used house to buy and it has a brand new sewing room just for me. Used to be the empty space above the garage. And there is a huge back yard so hubby can build a really nice room for himself, so he can build more gorgeous furniture. I do recall he has also located the R/C model store so he can play there too. It is time he spoiled himself a bit. 
The closing date is set for Feb 23rd, so keep all your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly please.
In the mean time I have decided I needed to take a sanity break. I have not gotten very much sewing done since we have been here since, I really don't have room and have very little time with all the running around. That really hasn't changed much, but I have decided to join in the Valentine Sewing Party on Saturday started by Kelly at Cotton Charm Quilts 
I have been tearing through what little stash I have here, determined not to have to buy anything since I have chosen a small table runner pattern and being on a fabric diet and all. Purple can be a Valentine's color can't it??? At least I will be sewing and that is a good thing. Now lets just hope no papers show up that need signing!!!!!!

Well, I have do believe I have taken up enough of your time for now.  I promise to try not to take so long in between posts and I do need to get lots of pictures of new things to share with you. 
I hope everyone is sewing lots and lots. L, A-

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PURPLE===DID YOU SAY PURPLE???? I love the color purple--but--not sure it is a Valentines color--but then--anything goes these days--so have fun with the purple--will enjoy seeing this project!!!!
I am ready for a picture of those new "wheels"!!!!
Hugs, Di&co