Sunday, February 19, 2017

This Weekend So Far

Had to take a break to watch the first NASCAR race of the season, but I will get more done.
Here is my progress so far.
Of course there is another cat.

And yes, I cut out the wrong block for the Christmas quilt, but since I had all the pieces I had to do it.
 It truly threatened to do me in. There was quite a bit of sewing and unsewing.

And happily, this next one didn't give me any problems.
Just one small self inflicted one. 

I will grow a tree later.
Not sure what else will happen. I do have some aqua blocks cut out, so I will probably work on those as well.
Of course my little helper was there

and surprisingly even Squeaks came up to visit. That set of stairs is like a marathon for her.

OK, hopefully I will have more goodies done later.
It is 71 and sunny outside in February, so it may pull me outside for awhile.
Hope you are all having an awesome weekend no matter what you are up to.


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The weather is funky looking out here today--mid 70's--so you are almost as warm as we are--
air looks heavy--somehow--
All your blocks look great--and I love your helpers--good company--
keep at it--you are doing great--thanks for the post-
enjoy the moments, di