Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Not much sewing done, but I did get some shopping done. Happy Valentine's Day to me??????
The mailman brought me all kinds of goodies.
I am going to blame this first one on Di.
For all of you who read her Quilting is Bliss blog, this probably looks familiar.

It is the perfect contrast for the apron I am making out of this.

Of course, I would have been a really good girl if that were the only thing that fell into my cart.
 I found this awesome orange bundle too.

I also got these little goodies because I have been making so many tiny things lately.

Hopefully they will make things easier or at least neater.

So, I hope everyone has a day filled with love and warm fuzzies and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!!!!




As for chocolate-- I think Valentines day is the perfect day to 'over' do the chocolate and not feel guilty--
yep love me that red cat fabric--but I like the one you are using with it--
my friend Anne needs that one!!
enjoy the moments of eating chocolate--di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Lovely goodies! And you do "need" them all right? Right... :) xx