Sunday, January 14, 2018

I Have the Blues

Well, actually I have a sinus infection, but I felt better today and started in on blue stuff.
I cut out two blocks to add to last year's Rainbow Scrap Quilt and I cut two for the Squared Away BOM that is going on.
I know, I wasn't going to start anything new, but--OOPS!

Double oops really, because I cut out part of the beginnings of another new thing. Didn't finish cutting that one out because I am still hunting for colors.

But, I did work on two UFO's.
This one is basted finally.

And I spent awhile finding sashing, binding and backing for a small wallhanging that I started a really long time ago as well.
More on that later.
That is my hope for actually getting a finish in this month, so I really need to get it done.

I definitely have enough prepped for some in between work hours sewing now. Picking colors really seems to take up a lot of time. I do think that I stress it a little two much sometimes.

Hope everyone had a productive and warm weekend.

Friday, January 5, 2018

15 Years of Quilting

I should be a pro right!! Not!!!
Not too long ago Joy from Days Filled With Joy and a very dear friend did a post on our first endeavors into quilting. We both learned while living in Saudi Arabia.
The biggest problem we both have is finding pictures.
We were both too busy learning. She was also a tremendous help to me homeschooling my son, so we were always busy

So, I also managed to miss out on the easy quilt that the group started with.
I was busy learning Cartonage. The art of making boxes.
From scratch.
None of that going to the craft store and buying boxes and covering them with fabric. Nope!
We started with flat sheets of thick cardboard and built from there.

These two are working boxes.

They now hold Christmas ornaments.

That round one was a hoot in so many ways!!
And to be fair--I still have 2 UFO boxes.

So, from there I jumped into the class.
Here is some of the gang, including Joy.

Hopefully soon, I will show off my completely finished version of the one in the far left corner.
The first one, that I made was this one:

A serious lesson in how important pressing the right direction is.
Also, a very impressive quilt. I went straight from cutting to sewing to basting to quilting to binding. Yep!!! I finished it all in one go.
The second one I did (the blue, purple and yellow stained glass above) was the one I am hoping to get quilted soon.
And the other one they did in the foreground of the pic above.
The Australian animals.
I did finish that one.

Not until I got to Australia though. I was determined to have it done before we moved back to the states, so it is the only quilt so far that I let someone else do the quilting.
She did an awesome job, but it still feels like cheating. Probably why I have a huge pile of quilt tops that are waiting patiently for me to quilt them.

So, that is my beginning story.
Joy and I still cheer each other on and we have started a couple of quilts together--that we have not finished--but one of these days she might stop traveling and I might stop working and we will finish them.

Hopefully, I will get some actual sewing done in the next few days.
I actually got a real snow day today because they are only opening the pharmacy for a few hours and they didn't need most of us.
I can live with that since I have to work tomorrow.
Have fun and stay warm all!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day!!!

Actually, I was one of the lucky ones at work that was going to be off today anyway, but I am happy for the rest of them.
I know--not good for the paycheck, but the roads are pretty bad out there.
I think it is very pretty!!
I am such a child.

Wittersheim wanted his window open this morning, so this is what I woke up to.

The Kitty Channel was a little uneventful this morning.
I am sure all of the birdies are hiding in the trees somewhere.

So far all of my pictures are from inside because I could not open the doors very well.

I took this next one from my sewing room window,

and this one is out front.

There are still a few flurries out there, but it is almost done. Now, it is just going to be really cold for the next few days.
I have been sort of invisible lately and that is going to change.
At least I hope so.
The past couple of months have been hectic. I have picked up lots of hours at work, to help out fellow employees and then of course the holidays and life in general.
I have plans and more organizing to do in order to make my goals, but sewing is starting up again now.

So, I hope everyone is safe, happy and warm in this very cold weather.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Made It!!!

At least I got my pink blocks done.
It has been a crazy month with being gone a week, extra hours at work and lots of Humane Society hours. Not  that I am complaining about those. It just all takes away from the sewing room.
So, here they are:

Pink was never my favorite color, but I have seen some super cute creations this month in blogland.  
 May have to rethink some pink in the future!

I also managed to get my fairy garden somewhat decorated for fall. So far it is more decorated than my house.

I still have to put my tiny little fall leaves in there and then we need to figure out where to put it when the snow starts falling.
Well, hopefully the snow will fall.
I am such a child when it comes to snow.
In the mean time, I need to decorate my house for fall because silly me decided that I should host Thanksgiving at my house this year!!!
 Best way that I know of to be sure that I have plenty of leftovers right??????????

I do have to find time to make Witt a Christmas bed out of this fabric that he picked out.

He thinks that it is very cozy!!!

OK, off to work I go.
We are putting up Christmas decorations at work today.
I am getting a little stressed!!!!!
I am wearing my pumpkin earrings just to keep it all in perspective.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where Have I Been?

We took a trip to visit the fam in Indiana and the weirdest thing happened????
I ended up here

and here

and a few dozen more shops!!
What do you think, a bit excessive???

I think not!!! I probably won't talk hubby into a side trip to Lancaster Co again for a very long time. Well, unless Joy comes to town and then it is going to be grab the bud's and then road trip time!!! 

I will show more pics soon, but if I don't get busy sewing, hubby might send it all back.
That would be tragic!!
Besides, I am so behind on everything.
Hope you are all having a safe and creative day!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Have Done a Little More!

Once again this month is going far to quickly.
100 days until Christmas is not making me happy.
Too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I did get the second blue bird block prepped for Bleeker Street. I know we will be starting the next block soon.

We are going to be driving to Indiana soon, so hopefully I can get a lot of hand stitching done while we are away.

I also got the last two Patchkats done for quilt number 1.
This one was going to be mine, but I am also running out of time to get the one done for the Humane Society auction, so it may have to be theirs.

There is still about a gazillion little mini hearts for the border to be made, but I will get there.
My piles are sorted nicely so that I can at least whip the middle together. It is going to be a large quilt, can't remember if it is queen or king. I will have to figure that out.

Hope the sun is shining on everyone and lots of sewing is getting done.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Orange Stuff

I have been spending a lot of time watching the Weather Channel this week because Irma is going to be messing with a lot of my friends and my goddaughter in Florida.
Lots of prayers and good wishes are definitely going that way. I am sure that we will get some extra moisture from it here in Virginia as well, but nothing like they are experiencing.

In between watching the storm, I have managed to get some sewing done.
Some orange sewing done.

These just make me smile. They are super bright and cheery.

Over the long weekend, DH and I went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden to get our walking in and I had to take some more orange pictures along the way.

This is part of a giant wildflower field that I just love.

 It is also butterfly time at the garden.
This guy decided to pose for us.

I did some more sewing and some shopping also.
Witt was happy about that last one.
He took over both boxes.

More photos tomorrow.
I hope everyone is somewhere safe and dry.