Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tea Party Anyone?

I am getting closer to getting caught up on Christine's Kitchen.
One more to go before I am caught up. I still have to do the vase, but I am using fussy fabric that is going to involve matching up lines so I need to do it when I have lots of time and no distractions and maybe help from my engineer hubby.
I finished these two:

So, things are starting to fall into place.

I also got some cutting out done on the cardinal Christmas block before my little helper came to visit.

He was having far too much fun, so I eventually had to give up and play with him.

Hope you all had a purr-fect day!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Christmas in April

I am trying to be caught up on all of my sew alongs by the end of next week.
That is the plan anyway.
Don't want to start May behind.
So, I have finished my Partridge block this afternoon.

And here are all of them together.

And I will try to get the cardinal cut out in the next day or two. I know the next one will be out far too quickly.
I think that was my New Year's resolution.
 Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Progress Report

Today is Day 18 of the 100 Day Creative Challenge.
100 days seems very far away.
The good thing is that if I make it, I might actually get some stuff accomplished.

I did complete 3 blocks on Sunday.
I did another RSC block.
It started off as one of my multi-colored blocks, but I really think that it fits into the aqua column now that it is done.

That's OK, because I have plenty more multi-colored scraps to play with.
Then I was a good girl and finished another kitty for my Patchkats quilts.

And then I finished another block for Christine's Kitchen.
I finished it after taking it all apart--never get to confident.
I sewed the sides on upside down.
After resewing:

Today, Christmas blocks! Hopefully no unpicking involved!!!
Let's call it Trouble Free Tuesday!!!
May your day be the same!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring has Sprung

And I bet you can figure out my favorite color.

 There was some actual sewing done today, but I will show those pictures tomorrow.
 Hope everyone had a beautiful day with friends and family!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Things for Thursday

It was really nice today.
I did not need the A/C on in the sewing room.
I have a feeling there may not be many of these days left until the heat hits.
I did manage to get some blocks finished today.
One of my multicolored rainbow block: 

I have at least two more of these to do.
I also finished block 5 for Christine's Kitchen.

Two more to go on that one. I worked on a couple of other blocks as well. Hopefully I can keep up the 100 days after I get home from work tomorrow.
Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Getting Somewhere

Happily I am off tomorrow, so I don't have to keep trying to stuff life, sewing and work all into one day.
I am not good at it!!
I have to go to work shortly, but I have managed to get Bleeker Street almost caught up.

Still needs a sun and I will get there.
Also, I have worked on a gazillion other things at the same
 time. This is just the table I sew at:

 At the other two tables, there are cats and birds waiting their turn. One day off is not going to be enough!!!
Oh well, I have managed to do a little bit of creativity everyday for the last 12 days and I am happy dancing.
Joy nicely let me start my 100 days on the 1st since I had a rare but awesome long weekend and I needed to make the most of it. Thank you ma'am.

Hope everyone is having a happy sunshiny day!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Too Much Work...

...and not enough play makes Alice get very, very far behind.
But, I have been trying to catch up today.
I finally finished cutting out the partridge block for Have a Holly Jolly Christmas quilt along.

I forgot to count how many pieces, but it is a lot and of course the next block in posted, so I am very behind.
Working on it!!!
And I am also trying to finish up the next part in the Bleeker Street quilt along. I am not behind. Not done, but not behind.

And over there on the left are my multicolored blocks.
At least the first two.
There will most likely be more. I have lots of random multicolored fabric scraps.

I also think that I have finally figured out what fabric to use on the next teacup, so that will be happening soon.

I have an adoption event at PetSmart tomorrow, so that will be part of my day. But hopefully, I will get many things accomplished after that. Please!!!
 Hope you are having a fun weekend!!