Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Green is happening!!

It certainly is in my yard. I know a lot of people are still getting snow, but I personally feel cheated. Winter just seemed to fly by. There were even a few days in there that I had to turn the air conditioner on.
OK, I will stop whining! 

I finally got my first green block done.

I spent most of Saturday sorting through a million green scraps. It was a little overwhelming.
Then, I made a few boo boos when putting this together.
There were a few--what is wrong with this picture--moments.

There are a bunch more in the works. Some are partially put together and other are in piles.

Witt was playing Vanna for me.

Unlike Vanna, he hates looking at the camera. There are lots of little piles of block sitting around. Fortunately, I had not laid out the next block pieces before he came to visit.
I also spent a little while hunting for my phone.

 I got the bright green cover because it would be easy to find.
Ha ha ha ha ha!!

It was just one of those days. Hopefully my next chance for sewing will be a little less spaz!!!
I have a really good imagination!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Purple and NASCAR weekend

Two of my most favorite things.
None of my driver's made it to Victory Lane, but I made it to the finish line with my purple blocks.

Finished my last two Squared Away blocks.

And I finished my purple Smitten Kitten.

It's only the 19th. Woo Hoo!!

No time for shutting down, but I feel better getting all of these done early because it is going to be a busy week.
Getting the van inspected, Quilt Show (woo hoo) and oh yeah--work!!! Lots of work.
I still have at least two things to get finished before the end of the month, so my fingers are crossed for me!!


Friday, February 9, 2018

Fruit of the Spirit Free Block of the Month

I am joining with Joy at Days Filled With Joy to host a free block of the month. It is a pattern we designed many years ago.

A new pattern will be available on the 10th of each month. If you sign up for Joy's newsletter, you will get your pattern sent to your inbox monthly.
It will be free until the next block comes out and then it will be available on her Craftsy page.

Go check out Joy's finished quilt. It is gorgeous!
More details can be found there as well.
I hope you will join us. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hello Purple!!!

My favorite!!
I know I am late. I rarely get to sew on Saturdays and if I do, I don't have time to do a post.
So, my progress so far is:

 Two more mini blocks.

Lots of cutting.

Those piles are going to turn into these guys:

It is the February Squared Away block. It looks better on the table. It was so dreary outside I couldn't get a really good picture. It also doesn't look quite like the original because I boo booed and didn't figure it out until I finished.
It will stay and I suppose I need to do the other 2 the same way.

The kitty block is also cut out, so hopefully I will get some more constructing done before the weekend.
Saturday is a work day, so come on Sunday!!!
And come on sunny day! These clouds need to go away!


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Adieu Blue!!

Still have a bunch of stuff that I want to get done before the end of the month, but for once I am lucky and have Sunday and Tuesday off. 
And high hopes.
My blue blocks are done though and I am happy!

 And drum roll please!!
Wasn't sure if I was going to get this one finished on time or not but I did.

It is my first Smitten Kitten from Sew Fresh Quilts. Haven't decided exactly how many blocks I will do in this one. These will be 12" blocks.

Now, I need to spend the rest of my time finishing the pie!
It is layered and basted and it will be quilted very simply, so hopefully I will have a real live finish this month.

You can tell that I did lots of pressing seams today. Witt decided to sit right under my feet.

I always have this fear that one day I will drop the iron on his head or a can of spray starch. Obviously, he does not seem to be worried about that. He doesn't even look up when I spray the starch any more.

Oh Yeah!
It is National Cake Day today.
I think that should be on my list of things to do today!
 I have been trying to get back to behaving with my eating.
Not a good thing to think about!!! 
 Don't think about cake!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day/Sew Day

We got about 3 inches of snow yesterday, so today was another snow day for lots of people.
Lucky for me, it was already my day off.

I worked on my little piles of blue today.
Finished this one:

Almost finished this one:

And I worked on another UFO.
Pie anyone?
I can't even remember how long ago I started this one.

In keeping with the blue theme, I picked the blue sashing.
I just need to layer and bind it and I will have a finish!!!
Woo Hoo!!! 
2 weeks left in the month. No problem!!!
Until next time!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

I Have the Blues

Well, actually I have a sinus infection, but I felt better today and started in on blue stuff.
I cut out two blocks to add to last year's Rainbow Scrap Quilt and I cut two for the Squared Away BOM that is going on.
I know, I wasn't going to start anything new, but--OOPS!

Double oops really, because I cut out part of the beginnings of another new thing. Didn't finish cutting that one out because I am still hunting for colors.

But, I did work on two UFO's.
This one is basted finally.

And I spent awhile finding sashing, binding and backing for a small wallhanging that I started a really long time ago as well.
More on that later.
That is my hope for actually getting a finish in this month, so I really need to get it done.

I definitely have enough prepped for some in between work hours sewing now. Picking colors really seems to take up a lot of time. I do think that I stress it a little two much sometimes.

Hope everyone had a productive and warm weekend.