Monday, February 6, 2017

More Cat Monday

First off I need a big Woo Hoo!!!
I have finished both sets of black cats!!!
Yippee Skippy!!
I spent a lot of time this morning deciding wear the colorful ones will go in the quilt. Quite an ordeal. Some face left, some face right, some have hearts attached and some don't. Fortunately I only have to figure it out once, since both quilts are pretty much identical.
Had a panic moment because I thought I had not downloaded the directions for the border hearts which are no longer available. Fortunately, I just didn't print them. Yay!!
So, now I am working on these:

Lots of left facing cats and then there will be right facing cats and then 30 smaller heart blocks for the borders. Oh yeah, double that to 60. I can only hope that I will have it ready for next year's Paws for the Arts auction????

Witt was having fun today as well.
He was playing fetch as I was trying to concentrate.
He picked his saddest one eared, short tailed mouse to play with.

 And then it was nap time. For him anyway!!

Back to work tomorrow, so hopefully I keep up the sewing flow. 
Hope everyone had a happy Monday!!!



I know you are soo happy that the cat quilts are coming along so nicely--
keep it up and they will be finished before you know it--
love the photos of Witt--miss watching a cat play with a mouse--
one of cats==Lucy--loved just red and purple mice--he was so funny with them-
I would throw him one and he would go and bring it back to me to throw it again!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love the colorful kitties.. I really need to make this quilt too... don't I? I mean I can start at least and then it can go on my UFO list next year... haahahahahaha! xx