Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One Goal Met

Small accomplishment, but still an accomplishment.
Joy has two UFO challenges going on over on her blog.
One of them is to finish at least one block from a UFO BOM.
I finally got the handstitching done around this kitty.

This is from Sundrop. Maybe 2009???? Ack!!
One down. I have 10 more that are all done except for the handstitching and one more that I never made.
One bright spot--I found the pattern for the one I hadn't made yet. Thank you Joy!!
I also found out that blanket stitching with black thread on black fabric can make you slightly nutso!!!

Now, I must get ready for work. No more sewing for me today.
OH Yeah, it is National Sticky Bun Day!! Permission to indulge!!!



I love that purple block with the black cat--
great job in getting it blanket stitched--
keep it going--can't wait to see the next block!!
don't think I will be joining in on the sticky buns--
don't have any and no way to get any!!
I will just have to eat a bit more chocolate to celebrate!!!!!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Yay, well done! Nearly finished....!!!!! xx

Fiona said...

thats really sweet... hmmmm - black on black sewing is pretty challenging!

newsurfiegirl said...

Nice block! Yes black on black does = NUTSO especially if you are doing it at night! Good luck with the rest of the blocks!