Monday, August 3, 2009


I think I have finally recovered my rhythm around here. Vacation is over and everyone has finally recovered from the flu for the second or third time. Now--Inspection is Thursday and the place is relatively neat and tidy. Not that I won't stress anyway, but I have made my way to the doc this morning to refill my blood pressure medicine so I should be right! I think it is definitely time to start sewing. I have joined Di's Christmas in August challenge just to get me even more motivated. Or insane--not sure which??? And I have actually started my first project.

I found these cute little coasters in a copy of Handmade and thought they would make great use of these little trees. So I have them all cut out and will get busy on them soon. I have also started on my list of BOMs that I am behind on. I am working on Debbie Mumm's Natural Wonders right at the moment. June is done and July is cut out. I would love to get caught up on all of them. So here is June and all the rest. Hopefully I will be able to pop up July and August soon.

These have taken me out of my comfort zone sometimes. All the little triangles and matching bits and tiny applique, but it has been fun. I still have most of my hair, even if it is a little grayer. That could just be from the inspector lady!!!!! OK, a little more scrubbing and a whole bunch more sewing!! Later, A-

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I am sooo glad you have your motivation back--and the coasters are really cute--I need some small projects to do--it seems all my christmas ones right now are larger ones--mostly wall hangings---And I really like the Debbie Mumm blocks you are doing--the colors are great and your work looks great--so just keep on stitching and don't think about the inspection---hugs, just, Di