Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sort of Busy--Just Not Much Sewing

I have been busy creating a lesson plan for homeschooling 9th grade. It is a little daunting. How to turn on the magic button that makes your child love to write essays and become good at it at the same time. I must just start with doing I suppose. My son loves reading and science, but strongly dislikes anything that involves putting word to paper. The most I can hope for is that he still loves me at the end of the year.
I also have to deal with inspection again in another week and a half, so my thoughts keep wondering to the cobwebs in the corner. That is one stressful thing that I will not miss when we return to our house that we own in Florida. Quilters should not have to interrupt their flow for super scrubbing every three months. It is just not right!! My huge sewing room ,however, with the nice tile floor will be sorely missed!!! And being able to call Joy to complain about inspection for only $1 will be missed even more!!!!
I have done a little bit of sewing. A very little bit. This is the May block from my Now and Forever quilt. I am getting there slowly.

And here is my pillow I am working on in my embroidery class at Handcrafter's House:

And my brain is about 10 projects away from what is already in the wispy pile. Here is my next project--now if only I can remember which pile the instructions are in.

Very different from my normal colore choice of purple, but I quite like them. Also, Joy sent me this "oh so fun" book of paper piecing patterns. I love to paper piece!!! So I am sure that I will have to begin at least one of the 50 projects inside real soon.

She also sent me these nice healthy recipe books that I have been staring at for quite sometime. Now no excuses for not cooking healthy. Can't wait to try some of these--they look yummy!!!

Now, I must get busy and do something. I still have to finish one more green block. And Garion and I must take our walk before the sun vanishes from the sky. And then I should finish my pillow and work on some of my other BOM blocks. So many things to catch up on. And so many new things to start. And so many dust bunnies to trap. Hope everyone is sewing up a storm. Later, A-


Joy McD said...

Very, very pretty purple pillow!! I like :)


Hi Alice--nice to meet you--and Welcome to the Christmas challenge on quiltingisblissful site--I love your site and I love all your color choices on all your quilts and blocks--so just keep on quilting!!!! By the way you just got me in "trouble" again!!! I looked up the site sundropdesigns--as I love your cat blocks and then I just "had" to run off the patterns--so now I have yet another item on my to do list????? Hugs, just, Di