Saturday, August 8, 2009

1 Christmas Project Complete

I am so impressed with myself. I have finished a Christmas project and it is only the 8th of August. Hopefully this is a good sign and I will get at least two more done this month and successfully complete Di's challenge.

Here is my set of coasters:

I made two each of three different designs.

Not sure what I will do next. Possibly a little basket like the one Cheryl at Willowberry Designs made. I have made the basket before in purple, but it is really cute with her little stitchery designs incorporated into it. We shall see how quick I am at stitching. In the meantime I must work on some of my BOMs. Must catch up!!! So back to work! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting lots of sewing done. A-


Joy McD said...

Wooo hooooo!!! They look great!!! I need to make some :)


Hi Alice--they are sooo pretty and I am "jealous" that you have a project all done so far--I have 5 projects in the works---but no finishes yet--been a rough couple days of not feeling well, plus looking at buying a better digital camera--which I did and now I have to learn "HOW" to use it--and am getting a new computer--but whether to get a desk unit or a laptop????? so it is hard to think of Christmas and my brother and his wife are here from Fla for a few days--so the second half of August I will have to work double time --right???? Take care--just, Di--OH does buying lots of Christmas fabric count--plus I have bought a couple gifts--soooo