Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Just Might Finish

This is the part that my knees absolutely hate but it must be done. Then on to the quilting. Nothing too exciting--a little stippling in the middle and in the ditch for the blocks. I am not great at stippling yet but I know I must practice to improve.

I have 6 days including today. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! The good news is Joy will be here on Saturday and she will motivate me. We will not move out of the sewing room for two days. Well maybe long enough for the season finale of Bones, but I will be stitching down the binding by then right? Right!!! Strangely enough I still like challenges. OK back to work, A-


Joy McD said...

It looks fantastic!!! Three more sleeps :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Alice, Have you thought about doing batting of your quilts on a couple of trestle tables pushed together so it is at a better height? Another solution to sore knees is to purchase some of those foam knee pads they use for tiling - hardware store. Have fun with Joy and return her in good sewing order!! :) Wish I could stitch too! Yvonne