Monday, March 23, 2009

I have been busy the last few days trying to find the floor in my sewing room so that I could get busy pinning my sister's quilt. I did succeed and now I am getting it ready to quilt. Very slowly it seems. It is always a scary moment when I first start to quilt something. Once I get going it is OK. It is the getting going that takes some time. My motivation is off for the week visiting relatives and out of Messenger range. I can do it! Yes I can!! It seems like I haven't gotten anything else done in the mean time so I might take a break and do something else real quick. Even though I shouldn't. I should just quilt and then it will be done. And I will be so proud of myself. Hmmm!!?? We shall see.
I guess I really have done somethings since last I typed. I had a Embroidery Club meeting at Handcrafters House on Saturday. I do believe that is my most favorite place in all of Western Australia. I can't ever go there on Friday's because it is impossible to be frugal when you walk in. We are making an armchair caddy. This one will be for all the many remotes. It doesn't look like much yet, but the embroidery takes quite awhile. I am going to attempt to get at least one of the other designs done before next class so that there might be a chance of actually finishing the project next class.

So between quilting and embroidering my machine will be quite busy.
Fortunately I have two, so that I can do so real live sewing on the other one. If I remove the walking foot too often, I may not put it back on again.
I have also completed another block from Nice People Nice Things. I love these. Thank you Joy. I am going to save the rest of the ones that I have traced for when I go visit her.
10 1/2 days until the sew-a-thon. Yippee!!!

I have also finished my March Block from the Now an Forever BOM. The colors are so bright and cheery. I think this is going to be really nice. I hope the applique portion is not too difficult.
Nice and Bright!

and February with it...
January was just the directions and requirements.
I think that makes me caught up on all the ones I had originally intended to do. We won't count the ones that I still want to start, etc. and the ones that I have picked out colors for but are only a pile of creativity. Hopefully they will stay that way unitl I have gotten a couple of quilts completed. All the way completed.
On that note I should end this and finish the prep work on SQ so that I can get busy.
Wish me luck!!!

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