Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First Real Post

Yay! Thanks to my dear friend and my patient hubby I have a blog. I now need keep up with it.
I have wanted to do this for so long, because I have so many projects going that I needed a way to keep track. Old age is setting in and if I don't write things down they tend to be forgotten.
I have started around 13 BOMS, a mystery quilt, a quilt for my sister and another for my mom and many, many so far uncounted UFO's. Hopefully this will get me organized. I try not to use that word too often--maybe less chaotic is a better word.
I have accomplished something today--inbetween homeschooling.
I have cut all the pieces for the March blocks of Debbie Mumm 2009 and 2008 BOMS and the March block from Nirvana. Maybe as the day wears on I can get some of them put together.
For now I must finish laundry and encourage the child on how to write an excellent paragraph.

1 comment:

Joy McD said...

Wooo Hooo!!! I get to be the first to comment :) Welcome to blogland!
You'll have all those blocks done by the time I get back, won't you?!