Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scrap Heap Challenge and Changes in Matter

This sounds like a pretty easy challenge: With Heart and Hands.....: Frugal Friday#links
I have already started sorting through my scrap piles so I have taken a step in the right direction. I also have an abandoned projects drawer that is just screaming to be opened. Poor babies. Also thanks to Michele's 2500 free quilt patterns (also With Heart and Hands), there are many, many, many patterns that can be scrappy. It is also a good day to work on my Come Over to My House and Harmony Village quilts which are both made from scraps (and both frugally free patterns.) Can't wait til Friday. Hope the March blocks are up by then.
The organized ones
Harmony Village scrappy blocks (Jan and Feb)
Come Over to My House (Jan)

and February

Now I think I will go put borders on my mom's quilt that I created out of cheap E-bay charm squares and $10 for 6 meters end of bolt sale fabric. Pretty frugal and it isn't even Friday.

Alice is going to wander off to Quilterland now. The child is WRITING a paper about changes in matter so I should have PLENTY of time. Maybe I should change a piece of fabric into something so he can use it as an example. HMMMMM?


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