Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Same Word, New Year

I was not too successful with my organzational plan last year, so here we go again!!! 
So, first off some shopping
And some list making

 and some new tools

created by the boy. His very first woodworking project.
I refused to watch him using the router.

Definitely needed something for the little rulers that hide under things.

So, I have one project pretty much done.
A nice shiny (very full) shelf in the laundry closet


and a pretty good dent made in the project to do list


Got some prep work done here and even managed to pack up a cat.

So, now it is time to follow Murphy's lead and go to sleep.
Hopefully tomorrow some of those piles will start becoming projects on their way to being finished.


andsewon said...

Looking good! Next come do my stuff!!! Gee in that pic baby man is taller then Pop! Was surprised he was taller than me already too! Great project in woodworking...make for Mom! Still doing holiday demo here. What a mess! Next is sewing area!!
Keep up the 'O' work!


I will take the box with the kitty--have enough of the rest of the stuff to figure out what to do with it!!!!!!
Enjoyed the update--
hugs, Di and miss gracie

Joy McD said...

Love the ruler board! What a clever boy :) I'll have to show Dan..hint..hint... :) Your shelves look great too...