Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finishes--Woo Hoo!!

Even though I didn't sign up for Chooky Blues SAL, I did get caught up in the thread catcher frenzy. I even ordered the books just in case things catch my eye, but failure to finish a project around here is always an option and I don't think I could handle being dumped.
So, my first thread catcher is not really a thread catcher--it is for my sweet DH and I believe it will be call a crud catcher.

And I think it fits nicely into the airplane creating area. 
I made two more--one for me and one for my mom and realized when I was working on my mom's that it would be nice to have a thread catcher because I didn't like the top stitching and had to do some serious unpicking.

And no--that is not a big old mess back in the background, it is perfectly organized piles of projects that I need to get busy on. Now I just need to perfectly organize them into a tub or something. I'll get there. 
It is a super dreary day out there and DH is feeling yucky, so it maybe a good day to get a move on with the pile.
Hope you are having a creative and fun weekend.


Joy McD said...

Very cool thread catchers! I am sure the man will love filling his up and hope he feels better soon xxx

andsewon said...

Great going on the cute lil catchers..of anything they will hold!;-)! Will need to check out the books come Friday! Trying to find my sewing machine(Bernina)today! Hummm maybe I am just a fabric sewing required! Hahaha!


I love your thread catchers!!great job!! Sure hope DH is better--
Hugs, to you and the fur balls
from Di and her's

Narelle said...

Lovely fabrics you used for the thread catchers. I'm very tempted to try one too :)